(Photo) NBA: Gross, The Pacers Are Sharing Their Locker Room With This?

Growing up in and around New York City housing, there were times that seeing a rat was no big deal because you had seen them 100 times already. But the last place you expect to see rats is inside of a professional sports locker room. Well the Indiana Pacers need to get on point with cleaning their facility because they got rats! CJ Watson snapped a pic of one of the dirty dead rats being removed and you know damn well if there was one, then there are more. Hit the jump for the images.

NBA: Bulls Player Faces Twitter Death Threats After Loss

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl While there are many examples of how social media has changed the relationships between professional athletes and fans for the better, we’ve been overrun with examples lately of just how much negativity can also be disseminated via these platforms.

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