Is Justin Bieber Finally Off The Sizzurp?!

It certainly looks like it. People close to Justin Bieber are confirming that he has been off the codeine for a month. So why is he suddenly trying to clean up his act?

(Video) Crack Pipe Vending Machines In Canada?!

Is Canada really about that crack life or what?? 1st Toronto Mayor Ford goes on crack binges, then Bieber just totally bugs out(allegedly not on crack though), and Now Vancouver has a program where crack pipes are in vending machine…feels like Drake is a bigger success story than we thought!!

(Video) Do You Understand The Squarespace Super Bowl Commercial?!

When I watched it on the TV I was confused, but then again I was posting other commercials, but when I watch it again I saw it was supposed to be confusing!

(Photo) 80 Year Old Man Says He Hasn’t Done What In 60 Years?!

An 80 year old Iranian man has set on his mission to remain pure for 60 years, including eliminating bathing from his entire lifestyle; hit the jump for more.

(Video) Japanese Company Creates New Cleaning Technology

I have no clue as to what is being said in the video below, but by the demonstration, IF this comes to the states, they will make Billions!!

NBA: Lamar Odom Reportedly Sober For 5 Days & This Is How He’s Doing It?!

The good news here is that Lamar Odom has reportedly been clean for 5 days.  The thing that worries me about this is that Lamar thinks he can do it on his own without any help.  I think it’s amazing that he realizes he has a problem and he thinks he can do it on his own, but according to reports he’s in deep and probably needs a rehab program.  We’re still rooting for him! Details after the jump…

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