Lawsuit Claims Chocolate Companies Are Guilty Of Allowing Child Slavery

“Much of the world’s chocolate is quite literally brought to us by the back-breaking labor of child slaves,” a copy of the lawsuit says. ” Children that are sometimes not even 10 years old carry huge sacks that are so big that they cause them serious physical harm.” There are alarming allegations that some of your favorite chocolate snack companies exploit children.

FDA Takes Action Against Tobacco Companies For “Natural” Advertisement

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered several tobacco companies to end their campaigns claiming their cigarettes are “natural” and “additive-free”. Continue reading the story for more information.

(Photos) Oh Sh*t! The Real Beef Between Apple And Google Started With These Emails?!

So many believe the beef between Apple and Google started when Google dropped Android 3 years after the iPhone…but No, apparently the beef started 2 years before the iPhone dropped, and over hiring practices!

What Tech Company Made The Most Money In 2012 ???

2012 was one of the biggest tech years ever, it seemed like every company had their hand in something, weither it was Apple, Facebook purchasing Instagram or Microsoft joining the Tablet wars. The end result everyone made money. Statista made up their own revenue charge displaying what the major players made this year. After the break check out the chart. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Brands: What If Logo’s Told The Truth About A Company???

LOL, what if Brands told the truth, that would be Very interesting!! I actually saw the infamous Tom from “Myspace”(on Google+) say he ‘Chuckled Out Loud'(COL) from this, But If you think this ‘Myspace’ truth logo is funny, Hit the Jump to see the rest!! +TatWZA

The Top 11 Companies In The U.S. Where Young Professionals Want To Work

Universum, an employee branding company, has released a list of the top 11 companies in the U.S. where young professionals would rather work. Check out the list after the jump!! (I guessed the top 3… see if you can too! ) Wendy L.

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