(Video) Couple Gets Sentenced For Disrupting Child’s Birthday Party With Confederate Flag

Kayla Rae Norton and Jose Ismael Torres have now been sentenced after they went around Paulding and Douglas counties in a pick-up truck sporting a number of Confederate flags. The couple stopped at the birthday party of a 8-year-old in their pickup truck with their flag parading it around. They said racial slurs and even pointed a shotgun at the people in attendance, threatening to kill people at the event.

(Video) Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Man Speaks On Fear Of Being Run Over

A former University of Cincinnati police officer has recently spoke on killing a unarmed black man during a traffic stop. The officer is seen in a video crying and recalling what happened the night he killed the man. He says during the traffic stop, he asked the man to stop the vehicle. He says that turned into the driver trying to run him over with the car. According to the officer, his arm was stuck in the vehicle and all he thought was ‘this man is trying to kill me.’ When asked why he shot the man in the head, he said that was pretty much all he could see and get to. The officer was also addressed about wearing a shirt with a confederate flag on it.

Pro-White Rally Planned For A Confederate Flag Holiday?

A Pro white rally is planned for the confederate flag. In fact they are actually having a holiday for it. The group are planned to gather along with many others in the state of Georgia, some even getting the day off to celebrate the holiday, a Holiday called “Confederate Memorial Day”> More info on the holiday after the jump.

Two Dozen Virginia Students Suspended For Wearing Confederate Flag

23 students have been suspended from a Virginia high school after violating the school’s dress code by wearing clothing embellished with the Confederate Flag to school. The school district’s spokeswoman, Brenda Drake, has confirmed the reports to WSLS-TV stating that the students were given in school suspension after refusing to comply with the dress code when given the opportunity. She also told the station that many of the suspensions were escalated to out of school suspension after the students became disruptive.

Yelawolf Defends The Confederate Flag: “Ain’t no way I’m letting someone’s ignorance tear me from my roots!”

Rapper Yelawolf has caught a lot of heat for rocking the controversial Confederate flag in his Instagram photos which he then deleted with the quickness, but now he has decided to speak up and take a stand on what he believes in. The Alabama-born emcee took to his Facebook account to voice his opinion in regards to the flag, along with numerous Instagram posts, as well. He also cited a number of famous rappers such as Andre 3000, Big Gipp and Lil Jon – all who have worn gear with the Confederate flag on it. Although he did not touch on the racist aspect of the flag, he did make his argument loud and clear.

“Muslim-Free” Gun Shop Owner & George Zimmerman Link Up For Confederate Flag Art

All throughout his trial, in the death of Trayvon Martin, former neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman claimed that his actions against the teen had nothing to do with race. However, his recent step in life shows that he is a look at race first and shoot second type of guy. Zimmerman links up with Andy Hallinan, a Florida gun shop owner who has deemed his establishment a “Muslim-free zone,” to sell Confederate flag art. Now, it’s no secret that the Confederate flag has been banned in many areas, following the Charleston church shooting – that hasn’t stopped Zimmerman. Find out more down bottom.

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