(Video) Timbaland Taking The Country Route With Justin Timberlake?

“I am music,” Timbaland says after revealing his new stomping ground of music. The well known hip-hop and R&B producer makes and appearance on TMZ Live! to talk country music. It’s no secret that Timbaland and Justin Timberlake are best buds, and since JT performed at the Country Music Awards with Chris Stapleton, TMZ hosts wanted to know if Timbo was going to walk the path of country as well. “It’s only right that we tap into what we [were] raised in,” Timbaland says of the two men born in Tennessee and Virginia. “We were raised in the country.”

Zaqistan: New York Man Is Building His Own Country

Starting off small. In 2015, a citizen of the United States of America has decided to start his own “republic”. Details after the jump.

(Video) Taylor Swift Covers Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’!

This is one surprising cover that you wouldn’t have expected the innocent country star to have come through with but I’m glad she did! In honor of the Marshall Mathers take over, Taylor Swift has given her rendition of Em’s ‘Lose Yourself,’ and lets just say, Rappers you may want to throw her on your next track! Hit the jump for her unique cover!

(Photos) Clearly Geography Wasn’t Rick Ross’ Strongest Subject

Apparently geography was Rick Ross’ favorite subject in school, but that’s totally fine. He’s a great rapper and that’s all that matters, right? LOL! Check out what the Bawse tweeted upon landing in Africa yesterday in the gallery. And if you don’t see what’s wrong with the tweet…maybe you should consider hitting the books as well.

(Video) Nas Visits France And Stops By Hennessy’s Headquarters!

Did you know that there was a city in France, named Cognac? I didn’t, but then again I can’t get down with the brown…Nas went across the country to visit the headquarters for Hennessy, walk the distilleries, and talk – with the BIG wigs of the company – the history of the brand. The NYC rapper also creates his own wines…Is there a collab in the making? Hit the jump to find out.

Update: (Photos) Guess Which MTV Reality Star Has Been Arrested NOW !!!

* 2/11/13 – 3:10pm Looks like Salwa will not make it to record the next season of “BUCKWILD,” since the police were watching them for a while. When I say them, I mean Salwa, Shawn L. Booker and Jason D. Jones. The two, in addition to Salwa that owned the home that was raided. When police got a tip about a “shipment” to their home, they went and watched. What they observed was heavy traffic in and out the house and the people only staying for a short amount of time. You know the boys was not having that, so they went and got a warrant. When they raided the house they found the three “suspects” hiding in a shed. Oxycodone, heroin, and large amounts of money were found. Oh yeah, get ready to watch your show from a cell. Wait, innocent until proven guilty. _____________________________________________ * 2/11/13 – 11:20am Talk about country! So, if your a television buff like myself, then you have at least HEARD of one of MTV’s newer shows, “BUCKWILD.” One day I stopped to see what it was about and from that point on, every Thursday I was glued to the television. These kids are a hot mess, but they’re FUNNY as ever. Cast member, Salwa Amin has been arrested and it’s a felony charge. Darn it! Just when the network announced that they were going to do another season. What’s up with the people that MTV casts ??? Drop down bottom for more details.

UH-OH, Why Do These Two Grammy Award Singers Hate Each Other?!?!

Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are two of the biggest stars in the Country music genre. Both have seen major successes in the past, and both have given Grammy officials fair warning, to keep their counterpart away lest some unnecessary spat occurs. Swift, 23, cited Underwood’s lack of manners the reason for the issue, while no official comment has been made from Underwood’s camp, people at US weekly have confirmed that the crooners hate each other and this is not just a Grammy night fight. Underwood, 29, will steer clear of Swift, but I wonder how Carrie will feel during Taylor’s performance of a song off her latest album (RED) on Music’s Biggest Night. Hit the jump for more.

Serial Killer Commits Suicide After Only Giving Clues Of Murders

Israel Keyes was a serial killer that we can only imagine as a character in a movie. He flew many places and killed people all over the country all while going undetected. Until, he killed a young woman from his own area, Samantha Koeing. Once he was caught he admitted how he killed her, how he collected her ransom while she was already dead, and how long it took to strangle her. He spoke about all of this in a calm manner to police and according to reports seemed like he truly enjoyed what he had been doing all of this time. He spoke of his crimes as if they were his hobby and he in fact had to different personalities. He was so insane that when asked why he did all of this, he answered “why not?” He showed no remorse for the anonymous murders he committed and after admitting he did so, he took all of his secrets to the grave with him. So authorities are struggling to find out facts, but he is the only one who knew of them.

Lesbian Country Singer Chely Wright Is Expecting Twins??!!

Chely Wright and her wife, Lauren Blitzer-Wrigh are bringing in the new year in a great way! Chely Wright came out of the closet in 2010 being the first women in her genre to openly be Lesbian. She is now expecting not one.. but TWO babies. You guessed it, TWINS! According to sources the twins are on mark to be born sometime this summer!

Taylor Swift: Teen Bopper To Sexy Stopper

I think Kanye snatching the mic from her made her even more popular. Taylor Swift is known as the sweet innocent looking country singing teen, but she is growing into a sexy woman right before our eyes. With her working on a new sound, Taylor decided to bring a new look, and it’s definantly working in her favor. Her photo shoot with Nigel Barker is looking HOT! Click down bottom for more of Taylor. JaaiR(JR)

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