UPDATE: Mug Shot Photo Included! Damn, Nicki Minaj’s Credit Score Went Down Because Of What?!

These are the kind of horror stories that make you happy you’re not a celebrity! Last month, a website apparently leaked a 2003 police booking photo from when Nicki was arrested for shoplifting in NYC. (Who knew?!) Unfortunately they left her social security number on the document, and it has since caused TONS of inquiries into her financial records, thus causing her credit score to go down by at least 100 points. Her camp was eventually notified by the credit companies after noticing the abnormal behavior. “Since Nicki’s social security number was made public on the booking information sheet, and that was leaked to the media this week, it’s out there now,” a source said. “Nicki might have to get a new social security number. It’s caused her a lot of stress.” I would definitely get a new number if I was her!

What’s The Problem With Your Credit Score!?

I’m sorry I had to go and do it. In the words of Funk Flex, “Who you mad at!?” Ya credit score! I can be a television junkie, but I think I love commercials the most. This has got to be my favorite one. “Free credit score dot com up in it haters best get to blogging…Set it off like a score alert, beep beep, what!? This one has got to be the best. Rap has gone real viral. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Find Out How A Tweet Could Affect Your Credit Score

The thought of a tweet affecting someone’s credit score sounds upsurd. But the thoughts, are definitely becoming realities in some parts of the world. Hit the jump to see if you will be effected.. Gernique N

Tech Talk News: Can Your Facebook Friends Affect Your Credit Score??

Be careful who you add on Facebook. It may have some life changing consequences. Check out the full story after the jump. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

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