(Video) Guess Who Said, “Drake, Ludacris, Jay Z, Young Jeezy & Kendrick Lamar Are NOT Hip-Hop?”

LMAO! This guy is opening up a can of worms, but I could agree – slightly! This hype-man says that although artists such as, Drake, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, and many others are making great “rap songs” they are NOT hip-hop! Why? “The element of hip-hop left when they started being created on a slow tempo,” said the historical artist. This is the thing, when dealing with hip-hop it’s changed over time – like everything else! Those classics that are stuck in our heads are classics, and can’t be re-made – it has to be new. Hip-Hop is the culture not the music [rap], so I’d say these artists pretty much got things handled. I would reverse it and say that some of these artists – in general – are not making good rap, but has the culture right – hands down. THOUGHTS?! After the jump see who had this to say and then give all of your thoughts!

Fashion: 10 Deep “Lord Of The Flies” Summer 2013 Collection

10 Deep has dropped the 2nd part of the Summer 2013 collection titled “Lord Of The Flies”. This theme, inspired by the famous book, features a venus fly-trap floral print in many forms with a splash of polkadot print thrown in to mix it up. I love the all over matching print action! I really wish I could wear mens streetwear clothes sometimes! You fellas get some dope stuff. This collection is available now on their site. How do you feel about this drop? You like what 10 Deep is doing? Hit the jump to peep the lookbook…

Kicks: Vans_66 x Custom Culture 2013

A $50,000 grand prize and a trip to NYC! You could win that all you have to do is enter the Vans Custom Culture 2013, and customize your own kicks. Hit the jump to find out more…. DJ JUANYTO

Some Call It Art, Others Call It Vandalism

As years go by, the argument remains if it’s an art form or vandalism. Although some do vandalize by destroying peoples property with paint, artist Nychos uses his talents in a form of expression. Check out some of his work and let us know what side of this argument your on. Click below for more info Funk Flex

Celebrate Warhol This Weekend At Target For Only 75-Cents

Let’s celebrate! In honor of his 50th, everyone can bring Andy Warhol home for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Thanks to Campbell and Target, condensed tomato soup cans wrapped in Andy Warhol pop-art will be available Sept 2nd at Target stores across the country. Funk Flex

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