(Photo) You’ll Never Guess What Fab Got His Eldest Son Johan AKA Prince Joso For Christmas!

For some Christmas is about celebrating the birth of sweet baby Jesus and for others it’s about spending ridiculously crazy amounts of money to please the kiddies and keep them on trend. Fab went above and beyond this holiday season gifting his young protege with a gift worth more than some people’s cars.

(Photos) MLB: The Game Gifts Drake With His Own Custom “Documentary 2” Blue Jays Jersey

Life is good when you’re famous and have famous friends. You rarely ever have to pay for anything because it’s given to you instead and you also can trade gifts with your celeb friends that the public wishes they could have. Case in point would be this dope Toronto Blue Jays jersey the Game blessed Drake with for the playoffs. The jersey also celebrates The Game’s album, “Documentary 2”. The Blue Jays are in trouble right now, down 0-2 in their best of five series with the Texas Rangers but if they can make it back to play another game in Toronto, I’m sure Drake will be rocking his new custom jersey. Check the gallery!

(Photo) Dream Come True: Eminem Reaches Out To 10 Year-Old Fan With Customized Eminem Prostethic Legs

Eminem took the time to make one of his young fans dreams come true when he reached out to 10 year-old Teejay Stainer after a photo of him and his customized prosthetic legs went viral. Teejay Stainer was born without a calf bone and had to undergo amputation surgery when he was just 14 months-old. He had prosthetic legs made that are decorated with Eminem’s face. With the help of his mother, Teejay shared a photo of himself and his legs with a sign that read, “These are my Eminem legs I’ve had made. My wish is for Eminem to see them.” Through the power of social media the photo received 20,000 shares and reached the Detroit rapper. Read more below.

(Photo+Video) Parking Attendant Gives Away Grandmaster Flash’s Custom Car To The Wrong Person

Grandmaster Flash has filed a police report and posted an Instagram plea, trying to figure out just how a parking attendant could give away his custom Dodge Charger to the wrong person. Hit the jump for more details.

(Video&Photos) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Drops $100K To Customize His Jeep Wrangler

Another day, another fancy whip for Floyd Mayweather … this time the luxury gearhead is going off-road, dropping some serious cash to upgrade an ordinary Jeep into a Money-worthy stunt mobile. Trust me, this is not like the other jeeps you will see on the road, not even close.

(Photos) NFL: Marshawn Lynch Is Gonna Rock These Sick $1,000 All Gold Cleats For NFC Championship

Money means nothing to Marshawn Lynch if it means it will keep him looking clean on the field, as he dropped over a thousand dollars for these custom, all gold cleats. The cleats were hand made by shoe-customizing guru Solesbysir and feature 24K gold flake paint with a RIDICULOUS gold chrome plate at the bottom with a final value $1,100 bucks. Lynch wanted them for the Super Bowl but they said once he saw them he just had to wear them this Sunday against the Packers.

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