(Videos) Drake Takes Shot At Joe Budden During “Summer Sixteen” Tour In Dallas/Joe Responds

Looks like the beef is still hot. Drake mocks Joe Budden on stage during his tour stop in Dallas, TX and Joey’s on it.

(Video) Doctor Who Treated Dallas Officers Speaks Out

Trauma Surgeon, Dr Brian H Williams has now spoken out on how he feels about police officers. Williams says when he goes out he does little things like pick up officers tabs to show his daughter how he interacts with police. He then makes a statement an interesting statement.

(Video) Man Speaks Out On Police Shootings And Wants To Know How Many More Black People Have To Die Before It Becomes A Trend

Police killing innocent black men, woman and children is becoming way too common. The black community is tired of watching their fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, mothers, aunts, cousins, sisters etc getting murdered for no reason. And to make everything worse is that now cell phones are capturing these executions for all to see. I don’t like to read stories about innocent black men and women getting killed by those who are supposed to protect and serve the communities. It breaks my heart to see the families of the victims cry on TV and just let out all of their anger and frustration. It irks my soul that myself or someone I know can be another police brutality story. Acting out in a violent manner will not solve the problem it will only make the black community look just like the ones in blue killing our people in cold blood.

(Video) John Legend Says The Dallas Shooting Was A Set Back For The Black Lives Matter Movement

John Legend now tells us how he feels about the recent Dallas shooting. Legend says this was a major set back for the black lives matter movement.

(Photo + Video) UPDATE: 11 Cops Injured And 4 Dead During Dallas Protest

It has been reported that there is a sniper in Dallas right now shooting all police officers. So far 3 police officers have been shot.

NFL: Dallas Senator Says Dez Bryant Is Messy To The Tune Of $60K

Do you find it hard to believe that a twenty-something football player with oodles of cash…enough to have a pet monkey trashed a rental property and didn’t want to pay for it? Mmmmhmmm…keep reading…

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