Dawn Richard Talks Her Upcoming “Blackheart” Album & Danity Kane Being No More!

With the Danity Kane reunion in her past – due to a girlfight – Dawn Richards is moving forward with her upcoming solo album, Blackheart. The 2nd installment to a three-disc trilogy will detail the singer’s “journey in the music industry,” she tells Billboard. “Lyrically and storytelling-wise, it [Blackheart] is in the same fashion of Goldenheart…But I wanted each album to stand on its own, and have a cohesive story.” Hit the jump for more.

Dawn Richard Releases Statement Following Danity Kane Split Up!

As the epic girl band trio disarms before they even got a chance to reunite, ‘Danity Kane’ member Dawn Richards has released an official statement on the altercation leading to yet another break up. Check out the full statement here.

(Photos) Stars Continue To Use Their Celebrity #ForTrayvon!

Many celebrities have come together to show there support for the justice of, Trayvon Martin, and young men like him. Even with George Zimmerman’s trial ending with a result that many have not agreed with, their is still unity. Jamie Foxx is one of the celebrities who has stood his ground from the beginning, and the support has yet to subside with him, as well as others. California resident, Jason Lee has begun a social media campaign – I AM READY Foundation – to “Unite One Million People for Change.” The #ForTrayvon campaign is to build awareness on violent crimes and how they can affect families. Lee has got the attention of certain celebrities such as, Don Benjamin, Megan Good, Kevin McCall, Dawn Richard and plenty others. As the group unities, there is additional support with the sales of I AM PEACE, t-shirts…you can purchase them HERE! This is a great idea, and what better way to announce a cause than to rally together the people with the most influence. Hit the jump and check out who else is involved.

(Photos) Guess Who’s Reuniting In The Studio ?!?!

There have been talk, and we’ve even seen these females eating out together, but now…physically they’ve reconnected in the studio. The group hooks up with producers, Freshm3n 3, and we may get something sooner than later. Hit the jump and check out who it is.

(Photos) Behind-The-Scenes Of “Riot” With Dawn Richard

The sequel to, “86” is in the works. When she’s not meeting up with former Danity Kane members, Dawn Richard can be caught strutting her stuff in some warrior princess attire for her new video, “Riot,” off of her solo album, “Goldenheart.” “Dance is the narrator of this visual story,” says Dawn. “The fashion and image look this way because it is an ongoing story.” “Northern Lights” will be the trilogy to this exciting world of movement. Drop down bottom and get the BTS look.

(Photos) Future Had The Speakers Boomin’ At Sonos L.A. Studios!!!

Complex got with Sonos to put together an event that was 800+ packed to celebrate Future’s up-coming album, “Future Hendrix“. The house was filled with talent such as, Lance Gross, Dawn Richard, good friends, Christina Millian and Karreuche Tran, and many others. Of course the auto-tune rapper did his thing on the mic, so it seems as if everyone had a great time. To check out how things were looking, drop down bottom and check out the gallery!

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