(Photos) @USATODAY Understands The Importance Of Flex’s Selfie With Richard Petty!

After posting an article about Flex being at the Daytona 500, and him mentioning he ‘needed’ a pic with Richard Petty, and not long after speaking with the writer, he got that very pic!

Funk Flex Talks To Full Minority Owned @Nascar Team Owner @JohnCohen44 #Daytona500

Funk Flex touched down at the Daytona 500 over the weekend. You know Flex loves the cars and this was a no brainer for him to be at the race. While there Flex met a full minority owned Nascar owner John Cohen. Flex and John caught a vibe and John called in to HOT 97 to speak with John. He talked about the experience of Daytona, his early beginnings and more. Listen below.

(Video) Funk Flex Gives His Real Opinion About NASCAR

Funk Fliggity was at NASCAR’s Daytona 500 yesterday(Congrats Joey Longano on Winning), and it seems he ran into USA Today while he was there, they got the scoop on a few things from Flex, including his(and a real) opinion. I tell you what, somebody might be tight when they read it!

(Video/Photos) Sports: Funk Flex Checks In From The Biggest Race Of The Year, The Daytona 500!

If you know Flex, you know besides his presence on the radio, his love of hip hop, and his love of tearing down your favorite club, he LOVES cars! Flex is a Chevy guy but today is all about the racing itself as he hit Orlando and is having a VIP experience at the Daytona 500. Besides tearing up the track in the official pace car, Flex ran into stars like Vince Vaughn, J.Cole, and not too mention some of the drivers in the race but he had the biggest day of his life when he met racing legend and idol to many people, Richard Petty. It’s not usual that Flex is starstruck, then again it’s not everyday you meet living legends! Check out the gallery and the video of Flex pushing that car around the track! GRRRRRR!!

NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Celebrates Daytona 500 Win By Joining Twitter & Posts Great Selfie

Yesterday Dale Earnhardt Jr. withstood a rain delay of more than 6 hours to win the Daytona 500 for the first time since 2004.  So how did he celebrate after?!  He joined Twitter  @DaleJr (Nascar fans rejoiced — including the bossman Funk Flex) and he posted a great/heartwarming photo — a selfie with his dad’s statue in the background. Check it out…

NASCAR: Danica Patrick Makes History at Daytona 500

Although she didn’t win it was still a spectacular race for Danica Patrick.  The intriguing female driver even made history.  Read more after the jump.

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