(Video) NFL: Yikes DeSean Jackson Goes Off on Vikings Fan After Scoring Touchdown!

Hecklers can be very vicious but it’s up to the athletes to try and ignore them.  Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson is usually very vocal and on Sunday during their game against the Minnesota Vikings, he couldn’t control his anger.

(Video) NFL: Orlando Scandrick Taunts DeSean Jackson

After Orlando Scandrick denied DeSean Jackson from catching a pass on Monday night, the two engaged in some trash talk.  Jackson appeared to ask the referees for a penalty flag but didn’t get one, so he had some words for Scandrick.  Scandrick responded by pretending to write something down and shake his finger in the air.  Jackson got the last laugh however as the Redskins beat the Cowboys 20-17 in overtime.  NFC East always brings the drama and entertaining games.

(Photos) NFL: Ain’t Trickin’ If You Got It! Desean Jackson’s WEEKLY Flights For Stripper

Well well well, it looks like Desean Jackson has a new girl, and she is a stripper from Arizona! Even better, she is apparently flown out to him EVERY week. The love connection between the Redskins’ star and stripper, who is even seen flickin’ it up with Momma Jackson and Desean’s boy after the game, has made it to social media…Hit the jump for photos!

(Photos) NFL: Check Out DeSean Jackson’s $1,000 Cleats & Others Customized in the NFL

The NFL will fine players for just about anything, even what they wear.  Some players like to bring their individuality to their uniform but things like not wearing the uni properly or adding the wrong color is grounds for a fine.  The latest things players are doing is spending lots of money on customizing their cleats for game day.

NFL: Oh Really?? Chip Kelly Says This Is The Real Reason Eagles Cut DeSean Jackson

Rumors took off like an airplane when the Eagles released star receiver DeSean Jackson earlier this year. Everyone thought they knew why the team would make such a drastic move. Some people thought it was because of Jackson’s alleged gang affiliations. Others thought it was because he disrespected coach Kelly and was only concerned about himself. In anticipation of this weeks matchup between Jackson’s new team the Redskins and his old team, Coach Kelly himself spoke on why the Eagles really let him go. It is actually pretty simple, but that depends if you believe him or not. Hit the jump.

(PHOTOS) NFL: DeSean Jackson Debuts New Hairstyle … Fans Go In … He Responds!

Be clear, DeSean Jackson does NOT care what you think about his new hairstyle.  He shared a couple pics on Instagram & fans went IN — they don’t like it and had jokes such as, “good thing he has to wear a helmet.” Well he made sure to let fans know he could care less and he has a plan.  Check it out…

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