(18+ Ladies ONLY Pic) NFL: First Penis Pic of 2014 – Bitter Woman Leaks Jets QB Geno Smith Nude Photo!

Goodness, we couldn’t even get past day 1 of the new year without a groupie leaking an athlete’s d*ck pic?!  Here we go with a typical story.  A groupie woman who had been involved with Jets QB Geno Smith found out that he has a girlfriend (Kristen Stubbs who he  went to high school with) and as revenge put his business out for all to see.  Not only did she share her story & texts with Geno, but shared a nude photo he sent her —- yes, “the package” is clearly visible.  C’mon Geno!!  Gotta be smarter than this!! SMH. This one is just for the ladies!!!

(18&Over PHOTO) NBA: Whoa! Michael Jordan’s Son Posts D*ck Pic! … Or Was He Hacked?!

Hey ladiesssssssss! Lol.  Did Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus, accidentally tweet a picture of his junk for all to see … or was he hacked?!   The d*ck pic went up on Marcus’ Twitter page and came right back down.  He claims he was hacked, but if that was the case – why did the picture come down so quickly?!  Wouldn’t the hacker leave it there?! Hmmmmmm…. Check out the photo along with what Marcus had to say about it after the jump…

(18&Over PHOTO) NCAA: Groupie Leaks LSU Basketball Players’ Texts & ‘Package’ Picture!

I can’t believe I’m sharing another story like this!!!  Fellas, you aren’t learning from others mistakes are you?!  I’m just going to start believing that these players want their info and d*ck pics out there for all to see.  SMH.  This groupie story comes courtesy of Lousiana State University’s Forward Jalen Courtney…

(Ladies Check The NSFW Pic!) Naked Photo Of Soulja Boy LEAKED!

I’m not sure if the ladies actually want this, but I know out of curiosity I would look! Even if I didn’t blog! LOL, it’s not that much of a look, but it’s definitely something. Your thoughts?! Marisa Mendez

FELLAS DON’T OPEN! (Ladies, Check NSFW Pic!) NBA: DeMarcus Cousins D*** Pic Leaked By Dancer/Model!

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl ohhhh man. C’mon fellas.  You’re smarter than this…aren’t you?  This goes for the ladies AND fellas (famous or not) – stop sending naked pics!  Eventually, it will come out to the public (I mean, unless that’s the kind of attention you’re tryin to get?!)! According to BallJunkie: Sacramento Kings forward recently decided to engage in an unsolicited game  of  ”show and tell” with self proclaimed “model/dancer” Asia Monroe.  And unfortunately for Cousins,  after a brief sexting relationship that resulted in him being blocked by Monroe on Twitter, Asia decided to show and tell Cousins’ “thirst” to the world.

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