(Fellas Check The Pic!) Pauly D’s Baby Mom In A Thong! Can You Tell Why Pauly Knocked Her Up!!??

So apparently, Pauly’s baby mama, Amanda Market, used to be a stripper rocking thong lingerie and the whole nine. Amanda denies she used to work at a strip club, but a close source to her says she did. Fellas check out this pic of Amanda in a thong…and tell us what you think. Her body kinda sick!

(Photos) Throwback Thursday: Pauly D Back In The Day!

We saw JWoww and Snooki way back when, now let’s see what DJ Pauly D looked like! Throw it back with the Jersey Shore star in the gallery.

Damn, Pauly D Might Not Be Able To See His Daughter Until When?

DJ Pauly D has been battling his daughter’s mother for the last couple of months, and he only just met 5-month-old Amabella a couple of weeks ago because of the drama. It seemed like, at that point, everything would then be smooth sailing, but the “Jersey Shore” star has hit yet another snag in the road. Because Amabella’s mother is putting up a fight (for seemingly no reason other than making headlines and squeezing money out of him,) Pauly is forced to go back to court first to set up a regular visitation schedule. Unfortunately, this means he may not see his daughter again until around Christmas. “We’re working on that now. I really want to see Amabella in time for the holidays,” Pauly said. “I’d love to get her either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I want to see her as much as possible, but it’s a process.” Pauly is currently seeking full custody.

Damn, DJ Pauly D’s Baby’s Mom Is Trying To Sell Texts From Him Asking For An Abortion

The more we hear about this woman DJ Pauly D fathered a child with, the more we are sure she is just purely AWFUL! I’m sure the Jersey Shore star never thought in a million years that his one-night stand in Vegas last year would result in all of this! The latest development in the war between the two comes from Amanda’s side, as the 26-year-old New Jersey mother of two is attempting to sell the text messages to various media outlets in which Pauly asked her to end the pregnancy (via abortion) and he offered to pay for it. While I’m sure some super religious people are going to be up in arms over this, it really isn’t that wrong of him for doing, considering how the child was conceived and the nature of the relationship of the parents. What’s really wrong here, though, is Amanda actually took the money and just never got it done (obvz)! Smh, what a winner!

(Photos) Pauly D’s Baby Mama Revealed!

We knew it wouldn’t be long before “Amanda” surfaced, DJ Pauly D’s recently-revealed baby mama from New Jersey. The pair share a 5-month old daughter together, and apparently Pauly is NOT fond of Amanda (who he met and impregnated all in the same drunken night in Vegas last year.) He’s currently battling to get custody and a better hold on the financial situation, as she’s allegedly treating the baby like a “winning lotto ticket” and trying to milk Pauly for all that he has, despite the fact he’s more than willing to step up and be an active father, physically and financially. Check out pics of the “winner” in the gallery.

(Photos) Damn, DJ Pauly D Thinks His Baby’s Mom Isn’t Ish & Wants Custody

Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D’s daughter is only a few months old, but there’s already a bunch of drama with the little girl’s mother. Pauly doesn’t think 26-year-old Amanda is a fit mother, pointing out the fact she once worked at Hooters and has another kid as reasons why. The two are currently battling it out in court over custody, as Pauly hasn’t gotten to see the baby at all! Amanda is also demanding child support, even though Pauly says he’s ready and willing to step up and take care of the kid financially. Photos like the one above that she posted on Facebook has him feeling like she looks at baby Anabella like a winning lottery ticket. What happened in Vegas certainly didn’t stay in Vegas this time…

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