(Video) NBA: Vince Carter Says He Would Beat Michael Jordan in a Dunk Contest at 24

It’s a general consensus that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.  Dunking was also a big part of Jordan’s repertoire but he’s not considered the very best by all in that category.  Vince Carter aka Vinsanity is regarded by some as having the best in-game dunk and among the best in the dunk contest.  So Jordan vs. Carter in the dunk contest, both 24-years-old?  Vince is going with himself.

(Video) NBA: Vince Carter Says It’s ‘Possible’ for Him to Compete in 2017 Dunk Contest

Vinsanity back?  Maybe not, but Vince Carter says it’s possible he would be able to compete in the 2017 NBA Dunk contest.

(Video) NCAA: LOL! Mascot Gets Kicked Twice While Being Used As Prop In Dunk Contest

Some dunk contest dunks go off without a hitch and the crowd goes crazy. Then there are plenty of dunks like this, where it’s clearly a lost cause and the crowd is no longer into it. Craig Sword of Mississippi State severely overestimated how high he could really jump because he tried to jump over a pancake mascot, failing miserably and kicking the pancake in the face a couple times.

(Video) NBA: Dunk Contest Champion Zach LaVine Can Dunk Anything!

Zach LaVine made himself a household name after reviving the dunk contest with his exciting and athletic dunks, putting the crowd in a frenzy. Well, he showed everyone basketball’s aren’t the only thing he can put through a net as he took touchdown passes and dunked those too!

(Video) NBA: This “Jordan” Would Win The Dunk Contest, But You Will Never See It Happen

A new “Jordan” would love to take over the NBA dunk contest, but sadly he will never get that chance. Jordan Kilganon, a 6’1 professional dunker put out a highlight reel that would seriously shut down ANYONE participating in this years event. He obviously doesn’t have the overall skill set to play in the NBA, but he sure would out-dunk most of the league!

NBA: Russell Westbrook Gives The Best Answer Ever Regarding Why He Won’t Do Dunk Contest!

Everyone can agree the dunk contest during all star weekend has lost some of it’s luster due to the lack of star names taking part in the event and the fact that so many dunks have been done already so, it’s more and more difficult to get creative. With that said, I think we would all agree about wishing Russell Westbrook would take part, with his freakish athleticism and dunking power. We can dream, but Russ makes it clear it will never happen, but his reason is awesome!

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