Boy Scouts Accepting Gay Members Starting New Year’s Day!

The Boy Scouts of America Organization will officially accept gay youth beginning new years day, hit the jump for more!

Gay Men In The U.S Are Still Banned From Doing What Form Of Volunteering???

Although there have been many barriers broken within the gay community, from unions and marriages to military equality and more there is still one huge barrier adding to the yield of progression within the gay community, hit the jump for more details!

(Video) Christina Aguilera Supports Equality In New Video “Let There Be Love”

Christina Aguilera decided to premiere her video made up of home video clips for her song ” Let There be Love” on her YouTube channel yesterday. The pop star shows off her amazing body ,loved ones and sends her support for equality in this one! Hit the jump to see the video!

Women Serve Less Time For The Same Crime Than Men Do

For years women have been fighting for quality among their male counter part. Although the fight is never over, one study shows that women actually have the one up on men in criminal convictions.  The study that was conducted by assistant professor Sonja Starr at University of Michigan shows that women serve less time than men do for the same crimes. Read more below. FunkMasterFlex

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