Casey Anthony Lookalike Is Afraid To Go Outside

L. Concetta Graves, A Florida woman who bares a resemblance to Casey Anthony said she is afraid to go outside because people keep mistaking her for America’s most-hated mom. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story and see the video. @WiL

(Video) Casey Anthony Walks Free!!

Wow, I never thought I would see the day!! Casey Anthony walked free from a Florida jail early Sunday morning, three years and one day after she was first arrested for her role in the disappearance and, eventually, death of her 2-year-old daughter. Continue reading after the jump! @ItsLukieBaby

Look at the Mo’F*ckn Wheels: FloRida’s Black and Red Bugatti

This is the car Flo got pulled over this morning in for a DUI. A black and red 2008 Bugatti. The car is TOUGH but as I said earlier…if you can afford the car (valued at over 1 MIL!!) , then you could have afforded a driver!! No sympathy for him. Check out the whip after the jump. @MarisaMendez

(Photos) FloRida at Club Dream…The Moments That Led to This Morning’s DUI Arrest

As we reported earlier, rapper FloRida was arrested this morning for driving under the influence…when his BAC was over TWICE the legal limit. Now pictures have surfaced from the party Flo was leaving from as he was busted…and we can see why his BAC was so much. He stayed with a drink in his hand the whole night!! Homie…if you have the money to be pushing a Bugatti, you have the money to pay someone to drive you home on nights like this. Smh! Hit the jump for some pics of the night. @MarisaMendez

Breaking News: Flo-Rida Arrested for DUI in Miami!!! (Mugshot Photo)

Looks like FloRida was not low, low, low this morning…as he was pulled over and arrested by Miami police for drunk driving in his 2008 Bugatti (damn he getting money like that?!) Hit the jump for details!! @MarisaMendez

Deaf Man Stabbed After Being Mistaken For Throwing Gang Signs!

Alfred Stewart, a 31-year-old deaf man from Florida was stabbed(but he’s Ok) while parting at a local club with some friends. While minding their business and communicating with each other via sign language, a Female gang member across the floor observed them, and as you can imagine some type of hell broke loose, but hit the jump to see more. S/O to @KarenCivil on the Tip @TatWza @FunkmasterFlex

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