People constantly have a bad habit of taking the party drug known as “Molly” as a joke due to it’s popularity in both the media and in song lyrics. However, 19-year-old Victoria Callahan is a perfect example that Molly is no joke what-so-ever. The D.C. college student was attending an EDC festival at the popular concert venue Echostage when she was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. She died sometime the next morning, according to reports, due to her usage of Molly while at the concert. Callahan was a sophomore Marine Biology major at Coastal Carolina University and made Dean’s list quite frequently. The EDM culture is known for the usage of drugs such as Molly and Ecstasy to “enhance” the musical experience and to spread peace and love. Unfortunately, this is not the first death resulting from the drug and I doubt it will be the last one, either. Our deepest condolences to Victoria’s family during this difficult time.