The World’s First Food Truck For Stoners!

Nothing will ever be the same. 38 million Americans enjoy maryjane and now residents in states where medical marijuana is legalized will be able to buy weed laced delicacies from there local food truck. The SAMICH truck is serving up a “Danksgiving” sandwich made of turkey with stuffing, homemade gravy, and cranberry chutney on cornbread Also on the menu is a Vietnamese pulled pork sandwich and an extravagant PB&J. It’s a stoner foodie’s paradise, however the legality of this food truck is up for debate.

Popeyes Spends $43 Million To Buy It’s Recipe?! What?!

Popeyes is the third largest fried chicken chain in the U.S. Recently they paid $43 million for the recipes owned by a Louisiana-based seasoning company! The thing is this is the same recipe they’ve already been using for years. So why did they have to pay so much money for it?

McDonalds Has A New Mascot!!!! SAY WHAT!!

McDonald’s has traded in Ronald for a Giant Happy Meal box. To be quiet honest the box is actually terrifying.  The new mascot is named “Happy” and is aimed at promoting a wholesome balance eating diet for children or maybe just nightmares.

(Photo) NBA: Donald Sterling Out With New Pretty Asian Girl?

Donald Sterling might be racist, but that isn’t stopping him from chilling with pretty chicks. He was spotted today getting a quick bite to eat with a pretty young 20 something Asian girl. He didn’t eat much at the burger joint but he pulled up in his Rolls Royce and hung out for about 20 minutes before the pair continued on their way. While at the spot someone actually wanted to take a pic with Sterling but his manager shot that idea down quick. Last time I checked Asians are also minorities but these girls don’t care about that, they just like his bank account. Hit the jump.

Big News For Harlemites! Find Out What Festival May Be Coming To The Historical Neighborhood?

Looks like some big things are brewing for the historical area of uptown Manhattan, also know as Harlem. Known for the lively art, music, and entertainment that flowed from the landmark during the period of the Harlem Renaissance, hosting a major Harlem food festival for New Yorkers is logically the next step! Find out who’s masterminding food festival coming to Harlem inside!

Burger King Will Add New ‘Burgers At Breakfast’ Menu!?

The fast-food chain Burger King adds a new twist to their breakfast menu. They are now adding “Burgers” to the breakfast menu. Read more on the story below!

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