Auto:(Video) Woman Finds What?? Living In The Front Grill Of Her Car?

If you saw eyes like that looking back at you from the front of your car would you freak out? Don’t lie, we all would!! A full size Owl somehow got stuck in the front grill of a ford expedition, and appeared to have been stuck there for days. Nobody knows how it even happened, or how it survived, but check the video after the jump. This Owl looks so creepy.

Auto:(Photo) Could This Be The New Ford Mustang In 2015! Futuristic Look

The next generation of the Ford Mustang may go in a totally different direction. If this is true, it would only be the 5th time that Ford has changed the entire platform of the Mustang in the 50 years they have been making the car. But times do change, and I think it would be a nice look. You will always have the hardcore enthusiasts who will never be pleased with change, but at the end of the day you have to consider moving the car and brand forward. The mustang has pretty much had the same overall body platform and shape since around the year 2000. Just with some changes here and there over the years to refresh the car, but if you look at a 2001 Mustang and a 2013 model, you can see too many similarities. Ford has already said the new generation Mustang will not have a retro look, which means it willd be something totally new. Check the gallery after the jump to see a version of what they might look like starting in 2015.

Ford Plans To Hire How Many New Employee’s?!?!

As unemployment is still a worry, Ford plans to help change that. Hit the jump to see how many jobs they plan to give. AliTheGreatest

Auto:(Video) Head to Head: Ford GT vs Nissan GT-R, Lets Race

Race fans here we go. I will be trying to get more and more drag race footage of all types of cars. Today’s race involves a 2005 Ford GT with close to 700hp against a 2012 modified Nissan GT-R. You do not have to know much about cars to know both of these cars are fast on there own. Once modifications are made it makes these rides even faster. Take a look at the video below to see how it turns out. IamJOE357

Auto:(Video) 2013 Ford Nascar Sprint Cup Car..Race Fans Pay Attention

NASCAR fans the time is almost here. Racing starts next month, and in advance of that Ford has released a video of their race ready 2013 cars. The car in the video is the “Ford Fusion” verison. It shows you everything different in the car compared to last year and is a very detailed video for all you hardcore race fans. Check the video below. IamJOE357

Auto:(Photos,)Hate It Or Love It Poll :Lincoln Making Coupe Based On Mustang??

Lincoln knows they need to make a splash to stay relevant. The Ford side of the company is doing very well right now with some of their newer vehicles. This coupe might be exactly what Lincoln needs. I personally could see a decent amount of the buying public interested in the car. Could just be me stereotyping but I see more older people wanting this car instead of younger. Check the gallery above for the concept Lincoln Coupe that is somewhat based on the mustang. There are pics of the hardtop version and the version with the roof gone. Take the poll below let us know what you think. IamJOE357

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