(Video) LMFAO, You’ve Got To See Kanye’s “Dancing” Skills In Paris

Rapper, writer, producer, designer, father, husband…Kanye West’s list of accomplishments and talents is a long one. Not on that list, however, is a dancer! While Yeezy was performing his track “Say You Will” last night at the Louis Vuitton store in Paris, he decided to bust out his moonwalk and a few pop-locking situations but uh…yeah, you have to see the video for yourself. Since the clip has gone viral, the web has naturally gone nuts over it, as expected. Check out Kanye West dancing below!

(Video) Oh MY…You’ve Got To See This Video Of Rich Homie Quan Looking NUTS!

Rich Homie Quan was recently performing at a packed show, and between his choice of clothing (apparently women’s pants…LOL) and his dance moves…this guy is out here looking nuts! For those that say it’s “gay” though, I wouldn’t say that. He’s just dancing crazy and wearing tight clothes, that’s all. Still looks crazy though, LOL. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

(Video) Is You Wit The Sh*ts Or Nah?! Ty Dolla $ign Pranks His Manager To See How “Down” He Really Is!

Earlier this week, Ty Dolla $ign stopped by The Cruz Show on Power 106 in L.A. to promote his new single, and played a rendition of the show’s popular segment, “R U Down?” Much like Hot 97‘s “Ride or Die,” the premise is simple – call up your homie with an outlandish (and fake) dilemma, and see just how down they are for you. Ty opted to call his manager Will, and attempted to convince him to lend him $20k to pay off a one-night stand that had gotten pregnant and was threatening to go to the press. Find out what happened below.

(Video) Christina Aguilera Does A Spot-On Britney Spears Impression

Christina Aguilera stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s show last night, and played a round of Wheel of Musical Impressions. After Xtina hit some Cher notes and Jimmy got his David Bowie on, the singer hit a spot-on impression of her former 90s nemesis Britney Spears covering “This Little Piggy.” Check out Christina Aguilera’s hilarious Britney Spears impression below!

(Video) COMEDY! Waka Flocka Reads ’50 Shades of Grey’

Waka Flocka is probably one of the last people that come to mind when you think of reading literature aloud, particularly a book like 50 Shades of Grey…which is what makes it all the more funny that XXL has him doing so. Check out the hilarious clips below!

(Photos + Video) Keri Hilson Performs At A VERY Empty Stadium, Then CLAPS BACK At Haters For Clowning Her

Over the weekend, video footage surfaced of singer/songwriter Keri Hilson performing at a VERY…and I mean VERY…empty stadium, naturally prompting ridicule from people on the web. People began clowning her for her “irrelevance in music,” her “dwindling career” and more, but Miss Keri Baby shut them all down in one simple tweet. “I spent my day being ridiculed for getting paid $100,000 in one night, to do what I love 4 years after being publicly relevant. FML,” Keri wrote, adding some laughing emojis at the end for the full effect. You tell em, girl! At the end of the day, she still got her money…and she hasn’t even TRIED to put music out in recent years, so you can’t diss her by saying she’s irrelevant musically, because she’s not attempting to be! Oh, and you know she’s not broke either – not only is she dating a NBA star, but songwriting is LUCRATIVE, oftentimes more so than an actual singing career. Keri Hilson is going to be just fine. Check out the video clip below and her tweet in the gallery!

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