Ken Jeong aka Mr. Chow Will Have An Extended Role In Hangover 3

To be honest, Mr. Chow was definitely one of my favorite characters in Hangover 2. It’s def a good thing that he will be returning to the third installment and his role will be bigger than ever. Hit the jump for details. Gernique N

Louis Vuitton Loses Lawsuit Against “Hangover 2”

It was a ridiculous lawsuit from the start, and a judge has agreed. Louis Vuitton attempted to sue Warner Bros. for the popular “Hangover 2” movie, after an LV joke made its way into the film that they didn’t appreciate. Details on their lost suit below. Marisa Mendez

Ed Helms’ Tyson Face Tattoo in “Hangover 2” Will Be Replaced in DVD Version

The execs behind this summer’s blockbuster “The Hangover: 2” were facing heat prior to the movie’s release, with a lawsuit on the table from the creator of Mike Tyson’s infamous face tattoo. In the movie, Ed Helms’ character wakes up with the same tattoo on his face (after a wild night), and the original tattoo artist that did Mike’s tat was none-too-pleased that he’d never given consent for the usage of the copywritten art. He’d tried to stop the release of the movie all together and was unsuccessful, but Warner Bros. is still willing to work with him and plan to digitally alter the face tattoo on the DVD version of the movie. @MarisaMendez

Hangover 3 in the Works?!

After having a $200 MILLION opening weekend…becoming the fastest grossing opener for a comedy …Warner Bros. is more than open to the idea of a Hangover 3!! Personally I wasn’t in LOVE with the second one but it didn’t totally disappoint. The person I was with made us leave early though so I can’t fully give an accurate opinion, having not seen the whole thing. Grr. Anyway, I’m definitely excited about a third installment! Are you?! Read on for details!! @MarisaMendez

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