Sooo…Trump Won That Electoral College Vote

Photo Credit: CBS [Screenshot] There was a glimmer of hope that Hillary Clinton still had a chance after the election last month, when a petition went around to encourage members of the electoral college to stray from their state’s vote and not vote Trump in. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The NY Times reports that only a handful of electors had broken ranks. 37 Republicans needed to defect, but out of the few electors that did, most of them were Democrats who would have voted Clinton anyway. Instead, they voted for Colin L. Powell and Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American tribal leader who has led opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline.

(Video) Judge Jeanine Pirro Blasts Hillary Clinton’s Hypocrisy For Recounting Votes

Judge Jeanine went in on Hillary Clinton, her campaign and Green Party candidate Jill Stein for their collaborative effort to recount votes in several states in the recent Presidential Election. She really went after the hypocrisy displayed by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton here, as in her concession speech she said to give Donald Trump a chance to be president.

NFL: Colin Kaepernick Explains Why He Didn’t Pay Much Attention to the Election & Didn’t Vote

Colin Kaepernick has been making headlines after he began sitting then kneeling during the national anthem in protest against the oppression, racism, and police brutality against black people and other minorities.  The San Francisco 49ers quarterback has also been working in the community on those same issues, so when he answered that he was not voting in the presidential election, many people felt he wasn’t being proactive about his platform.  Kaepernick explained why he didn’t vote or even pay much attention to the election at all.

(Video) NBA: Metta World Peace Says to Stop Crying Over Donald Trump Winning Presidency

Many people are in a panic as Donald Trump has won the United States presidential election.  Several people including celebrities like Barbara Streisand and Miley Cyrus have said they will leave the country if Trump wins.  In fact, as the results of the election was coming in last night, the Canadian immigration site crashed.  Metta World Peace recorded a message telling everyone to stop crying and get it together.

LIVE: Hillary Clinton To Speak Out For The First Time Since Donald Trump’s Election

Hillary Clinton will speak out for the first time since losing election to Donald Trump. She was a no show to her party last night which forced her campaign chair, John Pedestal, to send everyone home. Clinton called Trump to congratulate him but will speak today. The speech is being streamed live and can be watched after the jump.

NBA: LeBron James & J.R. Smith React Strongly After Donald Trump Wins Presidential Election

Many people sat in disbelief last night as the votes were counted and Donald Trump ran away with the lead to become the next President of the United States.  After all the hate spewed against Muslims, Latinos, African-Americans, women, the LGBT community and more, many thought there was no way he would win the election, but alas it was done.  Reactions across social media were somber with the thoughts about what would happen over the next four years.  Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James and J.R. Smith took part in Hillary Clinton’s rally in Cleveland, Ohio just a couple days ago.  Now that she has lost, the two NBA stars took to their Instagram accounts to reflect on what has happened.

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