The End Of iPad/iPhone Home Button!!!

These new gestures show you exactly why you will no longer need a Home Button on the iPad and iPhone, so get your gesture savvy up!! @TatWza

(Video) iPAD D.J. MIXING ??? Are you serious?

Djing with 2 Turntables and mic is really the essence of handling your business on the set. Its been like that for so long and as technology evolved from Vinyl to CDs, CDs to Serato… the latest tool to dj is through an iPad? Check out the video after the jump. Let me know what you think send a comment or email it to “Sudject Ipad Djing Comments”. @DjJuanyto

iPad And News Corp Team Up!!!

Rupert Murdoch The Owner of News Corp, which is the parent company of Fox News, and Myspace is launching an iPad magazine called the Daily…See Details. @TatWza

Could You Do Without A Home Button On Your iPhone/iPad???

Apple has Dropped New Gestures on the iOS 4.3 update, and the industry is buzzing about what this could lead to. Well My Homie At BGR has a Source at apple that says at some point, the iPad/iPhone will lose the home button, so All I can say Enjoy the button now and start practicing those guestures!! See Details. @TatWza

iPad 2 On Verizon??

Is This really a shocker?? Not to me, but is this the iPad 2, and will the WiFi Only iPad 2??? @TatWza

iPad Takes Gaming Old School With The iCade!!!!!

ThinkGeek & Ion gives us the iCade cabinet for the iPad. Brings retro gaming with a well-built Bluetooth joystick kits for $99 and plenty of classic games available to suit the iCase courtesy of Atari….See the video in the details. @TatWza

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