(Video) Even Adele’s Angelic Voice Couldn’t Make This Man Say “Yes” To His GF’s Proposal!

It looks like things did not go as planned for this young lady trying to put a ring on it! According to Irish culture, women propose to their men on Leap Year – which comes every four years. During an Adele show in Belfast, Ireland on Monday night, with the help from Adele, a woman used the songbird to help pop the question to her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the answer wasn’t quite what she was expecting! Instead of saying “yes” like most do when people propose at an extremely public event, the man responded by saying “maybe” to her marriage proposal. Um… OUCH! See the video below.

(Video) Ireland Votes “Yes” To Same-Sex Marriage

Today Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage with approval from 60% of voters saying “yes”! Tune in after the jump for more on the story.

(Video) LMAO! Usher Gets A Little Too Drunk On St. Patty’s Day Off Guinness In Ireland

To celebrate St. Patty’s Day the correct way, entertainer extraordinaire Usher took his talents over to Dublin, Ireland to party with the true Irish folk. He visited the Guinness Factory and indulged in one too many brews for the holiday. Being that he was in Ireland, I’m sure Ush also had some corned beef and cabbage, as well. I mean hey– it’s only right! After an entire day of guzzling Guinness (Ireland’s signature beer), Mr. Raymond posted a hilarious video from his hotel room slurring his words and explaining how much fun he had, after he documented his entire day via his Instagram page. Check out the video and photos below. He is hilarious!

(Video) Thief Knocks Himself Out With His Own Brick..Watch! Its Pretty Hilarious

Thief Knocks Himself Out With His Own Brick A Thief Knocks himself out with a brick , the same brick that he is using to break into somebodies car. Its pretty hilarious , HOP INTO THE POST AND WATCH FOR YOURSELF !!! #IFWT

Kimye Refuse To Pay WHAT?!

If this was any other couple in the world, you might have pity on them and say they don’t have the money but COME ON, THIS IS KIMYE! The famous duo apparently refuse to pay for the 20k bill that they accumulated at the castle they celebrated their honeymoon at in Ireland! I guess they told them they can shove that bill up their…nevermind. Hit the jump for more details!

(Photos) The Bodies Of 800 Children Were Found WHERE?!?!

#800DeadBabies is the hashtag leading the social media discussion regarding the discovery of remains of up to 800 children in Ireland. The discovery site once hosted a home for unwed mothers and their children in Tuam. The remains were found in an old septic tank. More after the jump.

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