(Video) L’chaim! Rabbi Blesses Marijuana Plant For Passover

It’s lit. According to 88 year old, leading Rabbi, Chaim Kanievsky, Cannabis is considered Kosher, therefore safe to consume during passover. Spark up my Jewish friends.. spark up.

(Video) Chris Brown Builds Sand Castles & Chills With His Fans On The Beach In Israel!

Even Chris Brown can have fun every now and then! Breezy has been touring in Israel and decided to take a break from his hectic life and hit the beach. He chilled with fans, took a few selfies, had races on the sand with his friends, went stand up paddle boarding and even built sand castles on the beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv! As he casually walked down the streets of Israel, fans started to realize and began going CRAZY! Imagine taking a walk outside and seeing Chris Brown in front of you? Check out the video footage of Chris Brown’s fun in the sun day in Israel below!

Ca$$$hin’ Out: You’ll Never Guess How Much Mariah Carey Is Making To Perform In Israel!

Mariah Carey is about to come back from the holy land swimming in dough because the price they’re offering to pay her to perform in Israel is INSANE! For her FIRST gig, they are cashing out $500,000 on Ms. Carey. The show is going down in Tel Aviv sometime in August and the tickets are selling starting as low as $65 and up.

(Photos) Shots Fired: Kim Kardashian Photoshopped Out Of Orthodox-Israeli Newspaper

Kim Kardashian might be a successful business woman, but we all can’t forget that she is basically famous due to a sex tape. During the Kardashian-West’s visit to Israel, Kanye and Kim stopped by to have lunch with Mayor Nir Barkat. A super Orthodox-Israeli newspaper was covering the event and refused to even call Kim by her name in the article. They wrote, “West and his wife” for everything. There was also a photo taken of Kanye, Kim and Barkat all enjoying their food but the newspaper blocked Kim out completely with a copy of the receipt from their lunch. Nissim Ben Haim, an editor at the Kikar HaShabbat, claims Kim K. is a “pornographic symbol” and that just isn’t Kosher if you catch my drift. “Within the insular Ultra-Orthodox community, pictures of women often aren’t shown out of modesty,” he continues to explain. Check out the photoshopped picture of Kimmy Cakes over in the gallery. OY VEY!

Tyrese Is Scared His Ex Will Kidnap Their Daughter

Tyrese is currently in fear that his ex-wife is going to kidnap their daughter to Israel, and has filed legal documents to stop her. Norma Gibson is planning a “vacation” with their 7-year-old daughter Shayla to her home country of Israel on March 27, but Ty thinks it’s going to be much more than a vacay. Norma is an Israeli citizen and under the law she’s allowed to stay in Israel permanently, and when that happens, the country won’t do anything to help the other parent. The singer/actor tried to get Norma to sign a contract promising to return Shayla by a certain date and if she violated the deal she’d lose custody, but Norma refused to sign. The matter is now before a family court mediator who will set the ground rules. Hope this works out for him!

(Photos) How I’m Livin’: Madonna Set To Design A New DOPE Condo In Israel!

It looks like Madonna has taken her Kabbalah studies to the next level. The “Like A Virgin” singer has decided to design a huge two-story pad on top of a gigantic 42-story skyscraper in Tel Aviv, Israel designed by Getty architect Richard Meier. It has apparently been over a two year wait for Madonna to get the final word that construction can begin on her new 12,000 sq. ft. condo in the Holy Land. Madonna’s new home is going to be fully equipped with a first-class gym, an indoor pool over looking the entire city and a super luxurious living room. The entire thing is only going to cost Madonna a slight $20M. You know, no biggie. Other famous celebs including Scott Disick, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are also rumored to be looking at houses in Israel, so Madonna will not be alone!

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