Dr. Luke’s Lawyer Releases Statement About Ke$ha, Says Allegations Are “Outright Lies”

Dr. Luke in case you missed, is the music producer who allegedly drugged and raped pop star Ke$ha. Well, his lawyer, Christine Lepera, just released a statement which describes Luke’s innocence, as well as claimed the allegations are “outright lies”. Hit the jump for the full statement.

Demi Lovato Criticizes Taylor Swift’s $250K Donation To Ke$ha

As Ke$ha’s alleged rape case with Dr. Luke has gained national attention, Taylor Swift has proceeded to donate her contributions to the horrible allegations with $250,000 – standing up for anyone in Ke$ha’s situation. Fellow pop superstar, Demi Lovato, now addresses her stance on T. Swift’s contributions…and she’s not impressed. Hit the jump.

Ke$ha Says Dr. Luke Has Been Withholding Royalties From Her; Has “Virtually No Income”

Ke$ha’s ongoing legal battle with producer Dr. Luke is not an easy one – as all court battles cost a pretty penny – but it’s that much harder considering the pop singer has next to no income. Sources close to Ke$ha tell TMZ that she “has been on ice for 3 years,” (aka has not put out any music,) and on top of that, Dr. Luke has withheld royalties from her. In a nutshell, that means she has virtually no income.

Taylor Swift Donates $250k To Ke$ha For Dr. Luke Court Battle

Ke$ha is currently in an ongoing battle with producer Dr. Luke, as she’s stuck in a 9-album contract with him and Sony Records that she wants to get out of, because of alleged sexual and mental abuse. The pop singer went to court late last week and was denied release, but she’s been garnering the support of her peers in the fight. Joining the growing list of celebrity supporters that includes Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Halsey and more, Taylor Swift has stepped up the plate to help. E! News reports that Tay Tay has donated $250,000 to Ke$ha “to help with any of her financial needs during this trying time.” Ke$ha’s mom later confirmed via Twitter. What a tough time, man. My prayers are with Ke$ha!

(Photos) Remember Ke$ha? See How Her Appearance Has Changed DRAMATICALLY!

Remember Ke$ha?(and her x-rated pics) The “Die Young” pop-star has a reputation of being a crazy party girl with an attitude who always wore outlandish outfits (sort of like Miley Cyrus, but different). WELL…. after being MIA for quite some time, Kesha was spotted at LAX looking like a brand new woman. It looks like she has her lips done because they appear super plump and full in the photos snapped by paparazzi. She also had no make-up on, which is rare for her. Hmmmm… I wonder if she’s trying to make a come-back into the industry again? Check out her completely different appearance in the gallery! Are we feelin’ the Kylie Jenner lips on Ke$ha orrrrrrr naw?

(Photos) Ke$ha Debuts Her Drastic New Look… Are We Feelin’ It?!

We’re used to seeing singer Ke$ha with a variety of different hair colors. However, she asked her twitter followers which color she should change her ‘do to and you’ll never guess what she ended up picking. Check it out in the gallery and let us know if it’s yay or nay?

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