The Game’s Request To Reduce Damages In Sexual Assault Lawsuit Denied

The Game recently lost the $7 million lawsuit from a contestant on his reality show from 2015, who alleged that he’d sexually assaulted her. He then requested to reduce the damages and for a trial, both of which have been shot down. However, it’s for a small reason and it leaves room to be approved in the future.

Gladys Knight Settles Lawsuit With Her Son Over Chicken & Waffles Restaurant

Gladys Knight has been at odds with her son for some time now, after the Georgia Dept of Revenue raided all three locations of her Chicken and Waffles restaurants, because they believed her son, who was running the chain, embezzled up to $1 million. Gladys filed a suit to remove her name and likeness from all signs and promotions from the restaurants, and to have all her memorabilia adorning the restaurants returned to her. It first appeared that her son was going to give her a hard time, but now reports say that they have reached a settlement.

DJ Responds To Shirley Caesar’s “U Name It Challenge” Lawsuit

Photo Credit: YouTube DJ Suede is the guy behind the “U Name It Challenge,” having put a beat behind famed gospel singer and pastor Shirley Caesar’s 2010 sermon, “Hold My Mule.” While the challenge was fun and went viral – with Shirley herself even getting in on the fun – he screwed up when he not only put the song up for sale on iTunes without consent from its owner (Shirley,) but also created a video with twerking, alcohol and other related imagery that’s very, VERY against what Pastor Shirley stands for. Shirley’s team quickly hit him with a cease and desist to take down both the video and iTunes song, which was gracious considering they could have simply sued him. However, he didn’t comply, so they had to take it to a $5 million lawsuit. Shirley has explained that she doesn’t want money from him, but would just like the video removed because of the association with things that tarnish her brand.

NBA: Matt Barnes & DeMarcus Cousins Being Sued For Club Brawl; Victims Give Their Side of Story

When a celebrity is involved in a fight, it’s very rare that they will walk away unscathed.  As expected, Matt Barnes and DeMarcus Cousins have just been sued over the nightclub brawl at Avenue in New York City earlier this week.  The alleged victims claimed they were brutalized by the NBA stars.

Wu-Tang’s U-God Files $2.5 Million Lawsuit Against RZA & The Rest Of The Group

U-God has filed a lawsuit in NYC, stating that he’s contributed to about 170 tracks for the Wu-Tang since 1993, but he has not been getting the right royalties for at least the last 6 years. He also says his contract requires him to get 2 annual payments for his share of merch, but that too has stopped.

(Video) P. Dice Says Fetty Wap Tried To Settle His Lawsuit For $1 Million

Earlier this year, estranged Remy Boyz member P. Dice filed a $7 million lawsuit against Fetty Wap, accusing him of cutting him out of his rightful percentage for their hit collab, “679.” Dice says he helped write the multi-platinum song, and that despite their initially-agreed upon deal of 16.9% of the profits, Fetty dropped him from the album version of the song to avoid paying him. He also reduced the percentage to a mere 5%. TMZ cameras caught up with Dice in NYC this week, and asked him about the situation. He revealed that Fetty tried to settle for $1 million last month, but he wasn’t with it. Check out what else he had to say below.

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