Reports Of A Shooter At LAX Last Night Were A False Alarm

Much like an incident at JFK airport in NYC earlier this month, reports of an active shooter at Los Angeles’ LAX airport last night turned out to be a false alarm. The popular airport was temporarily shut down and evacuated last night around 9pm PST, after several loud noises were heard inside, leading patrons to think it was gunfire. Several videos were shared on social media of what can only be described as a chaotic scene, with people running as fast as they can with their huge luggage, and tons of suitcases left behind as people just said “f it” and tried to run for safety.

(Video) Mike Epps Goes Off After Thinking Some One Stole His Money

While at LAX, Mike Epps went off due to the fact that he thought someone had taken an envelope he had that contained money. Confrontation got heated between Epps and authorities.

Really I’M The Plug!!: Flight Attendant Ditches 70 LBS Of Cocaine At LAX

This chick was about to go through TSA security, dressed in her JetBlue uniform, with 70 lbs of coke in her bags before security called for a random check. Usually flight attendants don’t get random checks, but a security guard just hit the jackpot when this girl dropped everything and went running!! Hit the jump!

(Video) Kanye Responds To Photographer Calling Him An Arrogant Hypocrite

Anytime Kanye hits LAX, we can expect something to go down. At least thats what it seems like. Kanye was signing autographs when photographers kept asking him about the OJ case. He kept declining to speak on it when one photographer said something to get Kanye’s attention.

(Video) Janelle Monae Issues Warning To All Men After Her Friend Was Groped At Grammys Afterparty

The Grammys afterparty at 1OAK took a weird turn at the end of the night for singer Janelle Monae and her friend. According to reports, the ‘Yoga’ singer and a few friends were at Diddy’s afterparty when a man grabbed grabbed one of Monae’s friend’s crotch. The victim immediately reported the incident to club security who alerted authorities and the man was arrested. Tuesday, photogs caught up with Janelle at LAX and asked her about the awful incident. Janelle issued a warning to all men about being inappropriate with women. She said, “a guy touched one of my friend’s vagina and we had him arrested,” adding “that’s what happened, so don’t f*ck with her. Don’t ever touch a woman’s vagina or you will be arrested.” More below.

(Video) Amber Rose Talks Chyna & Rob, Kris Jenner + More At LAX

Amber Rose arrived back in LAX last night from NYC with Wiz Khalifa, and of course the paparazzi were there to talk to her every step of the way to her car. During the chat, Amber spoke on her feelings about Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, Kris Jenner and whether the Kardashian girls really hate Chy and Rob being together. “How do you know? Did you talk to them?” Amber questioned the photog about the sisters being mad. “You read the ‘media.’ The crazy media that’s fake as sh*t.” Check out the full clip below.

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