Sad! Remember Pedro From Real World: San Fran That Died From AIDS? His Then-Boyfriend Just Died From Lung Cancer!

Back in the 90’s, Pedro Zamora broke ground on television, being totally open about his sexuality on MTV’s relatively-new show, The Real World. He famously dated Sean Sasser, before passing from an AIDS-related illness in 1994. Sadly, almost 20 years later, Sean has passed as well. At the ripe young age of 44, he has lost his battle with lung cancer. RIP!

Sylvester Stallone Was Paying Major Cash To Hide The Fact That He Abused His Half-Sister ???

Listen Stallone, if these allegations are true I’d like to say that you are too damn BIG to be hitting on someone (let alone a woman), unless it’s acted out in a movie. However, the “Rocky” vet is accused of abusing his half-sister, Toni-Ann Filiti. Their are some documents showing that Stallone agreed to pay the half-sister 12 million dollars plus $16,666.66 a month. In addition, Filiti was receiving $50,000 per year to pay for her medical and psychiatric expenses she suffered due to the abuse. A rep for Stallone says that this was nothing more than a blackmail scheme. Filiti’s mother and son denies that allegation. Filiti is no longer alive to say yay or nay to what happened. She passed away of lung cancer in August of last year. Let’s see what STALLONE himself has to say about this. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Military Funeral Planned for Sherman Hemsley

Actor Sherman Hemsley will be laid to rest at a military funeral nearly four months after this death… Sherman Hemsley died back in July after a battle with lung cancer, but his burial was held up while a long lost brother contested his will. Read more after the jump Quay

Sherman Hemsley Will Upheld

Nearly four months after his death from complications due to lung cancer actor Sherman Hemsley can finally be laid to rest… Read more after the jump Quay

New Large Lung Cancer Study Suggests Targeted Treatment

Patients with squamous cell lung cancer may have a reason to smile. Researchers may have found some promising results for a new type of treatment. Yay. Read more below. Minosoar

Are Popular Kids More Likely To Get Lung Cancer?

So um like yeah, being popular was cool until a new study found that heart disease, lung cancer, and emphysema may be more common in popular youths. The unpopular kids we always cooler though, lol. Read more below. Minosoar

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