(Photos + Video) Out Of Control: Miley Cyrus Tongues Down Female Fan During Concert

Miley Cyrus is always doing something drastic to keep her fans on their toes. Her latest stint consisted of slobbing down a female fan during her Bangerz concert. First it was Katy Perry in Los Angeles, now it’s this “mystery babe” as Cyrus calls her in a tweet where the “We Won’t Stop” singer says she wasn’t wiping the girl’s saliva off her face, just her dark lipstick. Check out the f*ckery below.

(PHOTOS) NBA: Michelle Rodriguez Wasted at Knicks Game & Tongues Down Model Cara Delevingne

What is going on at these NBA games?!  The other day two Lakers fans were caught having sex in the Staples Center VIP bathroom and now we have Michelle Rodriguez (allegedly) wasted & making out with model Cara Delevingne in front of all to see at the Knicks game.  I guess Melo & team couldn’t hold their attention?!  They reportedly spent most of the night boozing, smoking e-cigs & taking selfies.  Check out the pics…

(Video) Rihanna Is Totally Down To Make Out With WHO?!

Someone recently asked Miley Cyrus if she’d ever make out with Rihanna, and Miley was totally ready for some action. So while Rih was leaving Georgio Baldi over the weekend, paparazzi asked her if the feelings were mutual…and oh, they are. Miley, give Rihanna a call, would ya! This is something we all want to see!

DAMN! Lindsay Lohan Hooked Up With What MTV Reality Star ???

I love me some Snookers, but is she making up things or is she NOT? Snooki says that one of her Jersey Shore castmates “made out” with LiLo. This is crazy…it’s one’s my faves. Drop down bottom and check out who it is.

(Photos) Chris Brown & Rihanna Party Together In NYC Club, Reportedly Make Out…Then Chris Spotted Leaving Her Hotel Later!

If Karrueche doesn’t drop this man like a hot potato right now, I’m going to find that girl and shake some sense into her! Hopefully those sub-tweets yesterday really were about him! Now on to the juiciness. Chris and Rihanna are both in NYC for various things, and word on the street yesterday was the pair partied at NYC club Griffin and were reportedly making out all night before going to the back. Today, there are multiple pieces of evidence to confirm most of this! First, there is a photo of the two at the club, found by MTO. Then multiple CREDIBLE sources have confirmed the makeout sesh, including US Magazine. Now, the best (/worst, depending on who you ask, LOL) photos have come out…Chris leaving Rihanna’s hotel! But get this…he was later photographed with Karrueche! This is such a mess! Check out the various photos below. Do you want Chris and Ri back together? It’s seeming inevitable at this point! Marisa Mendez

(Photos) Whoa! Nicki Minaj Makes Out With NAS! (Tongue & All!)

Nicki plays no games when it comes to making her acting seem realistic as possible…even if it means swapping spit with a legendary rapper! Gotta love it! Check out the screen shots from her new video below. Marisa Mendez

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