(Video) Sheesh: Boy Slaps The Crap Out Of Teenage Girl In Class

This is crazy. These young men have no respect for young women. In a video, we see a young man and you women going at it in what looks like a school. Now the girl did put her hands on the guy first but the way he punches her back is crazy.

(Video) EWW: Man Craps Himself In The Middle Of A Super Market

This is so nasty! In a video we can see a man conversing with a woman in a supermarket. This turns into a whole other ordeal as the man then craps himself.

Teen Killed After Girl Sneaks Him In Her House

17-year-old Jordan Middleton was shot and killed after a 14-year-old girl let him in the home. The girl’s father killed Middleton upon thinking he was a burglar. olumbia County Sheriff’s Office reportedly found Middleton dead at about 2:50 a.m. after they were alerted of a burglary in progress.

(Video) Houston Substitute Teacher Arrested For Inappropriately Kissing First Graders Claiming His Tongue Fell Into Their Mouths

People in this world are just so disgusting. 49-year-old, Pete Garcia Hernandez, has now been charged after he allegedly inappropriately kissed first graders. Grandparents of the school says they are shocked. Parents reached out with concern of the man inappropriately touching the students.

Man Has Now Been Convicted Of Raping A Woman And Carving His Initials In Her Back

31-year-old Daniel Dickson has now been found guilty of repeatedly raping a woman while also carving her initials into her back with a knife. Super sick! Dickson tried to tell the judge that the woman wanted him to us the knife during sex but who in their right mind would believe that.

(Video) Steve Harvey Receives Tons Of Criticism For Asian Man Jokes

Steve Harvey is now receiving a ton of backlash for comments he made about Asian men during his show. Steve was showing a 2002 book cover entitled How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men.” This turned into Steve speaking a tad harshly about Asian men.

(Video) Police Shoots Man After He Tried To Attack Them With A Logging Chain

In a recent video, we see a man attacking police with a logging chain. Police then shot the man after giving him many warnings. We see the man testing police by swinging the chain.

(Graphic Video) Bodycam Shows Man Armed With Knife Being Shot By Police

A police bodycam has captured the shooting of a man armed with a knife in Maryland. In the footage we see two police officers entering the apartment building of 48-year-old Bryant Junious Palmer. As police ring the man’s doorbell, he opens it storming out with the knife in hand screaming “time to die” as he run towards the officers.

(Video) Guy Gets Knocked Out For Trying To Run A Train On A Guys Daughter

This father is not here for the BS. In a video, we see a man knocking a young boy out for reportedly trying to run a train on his daughter! We can hear the man tell the boy “You F*cked My Daughter”

(Video) Man Strangles 4-Year-Old Son After Boy Walked In On Him Killing His Mother

23-year-old Isaac Duran Infante, was arrested and charged for the murder of Miguel and Felicia Barahona. Infante confessed to killing his ex-girlfriend in her Harlem home. He then strangled his 4-year-old son who walked in on him committing the crime. The boy was in the bathroom when Isaac Infante was standing on top of his mother. He went on to strangle the little boy and then placed him into the bathtub.

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