#DJFunkFlexApp NEW MUSIC: Roc Marciano ft. Cormega – Ruff Town

Roc and Cormega are both from a “Ruff Town.” Hear them tell it after the jump.

Kim Dotcom Says His iTunes Library Is Worth How Much?!?!

During an interview with the Financial Times, Kim Dotcom, founder of the Mega service, says he’s not pirate & that he’s never shared anything before. He also goes on to say that his iTunes collections is worth over $20,000. Read more in the link after the jump, including how a chicken shows up during the interview.

IFWT Remembers Corey McGriff aka Megatron

This is one of those days…one of those days I just Don’t look forward to. Although I Love remembering My Dude, How he was Just Such a Truly Great Person, To his Core! He always Looked out for the people in his life, and a lot of times even before himself!! The only solice in today is knowing the CHUMP that did this to him is locked up, and I rarely wish harm on people, but I actually hope that guy meets some ‘trouble’ at some point(soon), because he took a Really Great Person from all of us!! WE MISS YOU MEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mega Hits One Million Users in One Day, Good Luck Signing Up Though

Kim Dotcom’s latest venture, Mega, which is the revival of the shuttered Megaupload, is off to a great start, garnering over 1 million users in just 24 hours. Although Dotcom is calling the site “100% Safe & Unstoppable”, the site is actually down right now due to massive traffic. When everything is finally stable though, you’ll be sign up for 50GBs free & up to 4TBs with the price tiers. Read more after the jump. Tat Wza

Kim Dotcom Launches Mega Site Tomorrow With 50GB of Free Storage

Tomorrow Kim Dotcom launches his new website Mega, with 50 GB of free storage. According to reports the new site has a look and feel of Dropbox but has folders and tabs to hold files. The site will have 3 different options for users to purchase space which range from €9.99 ($13.29), €19.99 ($26.59), and €29.99 ($39.90) per month for the respective 500GB storage/1 terabyte bandwidth, 2GB/4TB, and 4GB/8TB. Kim first announced the site back in Novemeber but before the launch he experienced some hiccups. “24 hours until Mega!,” Dotcom tweeted today. “One more day! Are you ready?” he wrote (to which one follower responded with lyrics from a Les Misérables song). Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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