Fashion: 10 Deep Releases Holiday 2013 Drop Part 1 Titled “Midnight”

10 Deep has dropped Pt.1 of their holiday 2013 collection titled “Midnight”. The name is appropriate as the collection is filled with deep shades of blue and green throughout almost all the clothing. The essential camo is present, as well as a couple items inspired by the Olympic games. Every-time 10.Deep drops a collection it is on-point. Cohesive, on-trend and always fly. you can shop items form the collection now via their webshop. Hit the jump to view the cookbook…

Fashion: E The Real Fall/Winter Collection – Dropping At Midnight

E The real has been gearing up for their fall/winter collection that will be dropping tomorrow at midnight. The collection features T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Socks & more. The collection is very stylish and will keep you in check for the fall/winter. The most talked about piece from the collection is the Real Lawrence T-Shirt in Ash/White-Stripe (Away) which is inspired by a fútbol jersey of the European Premier League and is the second installment of a home & away uniform-pack. The tee will be set at a reasonable price of $34. If you are interested in purchasing anything from the collection you may from the brand’s official website. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of E The Real Fall/Winter Collection.

Facebook’s New Year’s Midnight Delivery #Fail

Facebook took to their site to get in on the New Years fun, their way. Personalized messages to your friends, or loved ones that will deliver at 12 on the dot! No cell phone service struggle, or message delays to worry over. There was a minor issue all though that might have let the cat out of the bag early for a few Facebook users. Tat Wza

(Photo) Another Celebrity Couple Touches Lips At Midnight

This is one couple who has NO problem showing a little bit of PDA. Check out the smooch this guy lands on his girl when the clock struck 12. Drop down bottom and take a look. JaaiR (JR)

40 Laws Set To Go In Effect At Midnight

Over 40,000 state laws are set to go in effect as soon as the clock strikes twelve tonight. Some of them are positive improvements to our country and others are more interesting. Hit the jump to read the full story and see all the different types of laws going into effect! Wendy L.

Occupy LA Throws Eviction Block Party!!

Even though midnight is their deadline to abandon their “encampment”, Occupy Los Angeles protesters are acting out against police in a different way: by hosting a block party. Even though this seems like a fun idea for the protesters, how much does it say about their seriousness for the Occupy movement? Get the full report after the jump! Wendy L.

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