Motorola’s New Smart Watch “Moto 360” Sets Price At $249

Motorola’s Moto 360 smart watch is set to start at $249 which is just as much as the Pebble Steel but less than the Gear 2. The smart watch is rumored to drop in July, and features a unique circular face unlike most of it’s others competitors. It also has all metal with leather or metal straps. The glass on the watch is sapphire glass which is rumored to be compatible with the iphone 6 and iwatch, which could most definitely hike up the price. Check out the pics of the watch in the gallery.

Google Sells Motorola For $3 Billion, Could Mean How Many Jobs Lost?!

Google is getting rid of bad assets in this sale, as Motorola lost a Billion in this past year, which is a 34% slump for the manufacturer(They are doing what Blackberry should have done). Back in 2011, Google promised $12.5 Billion to Motorola which included not only the devices, but their patents. The price Lenovo is paying is $2.91 Billion, MUCH lower than what google was supposed to pay, but allegedly Google is holding on to a good bit of the patents, and some ‘other intellectual property’.

(Video) Republic Wireless Releases The Moto X On The Public!!!

I have been waiting for this for quite some time, I have been with Republic since the 1st wave of Beta, and have mos def enjoyed it to the fullest!! The only beef I’ve had with them is their phone selection was slightly better than a feature phone, just not sexy! Well time has finally come around that they have a nice beast on the payroll!!!

(Video) Uhh OH! New iPhones Take The Durability Test!!

Well these video’s happen as soon as a new phone comes out, but there is some interesting news this time.

MORE Moto X Expected Features!!!

It seems that every other day there are new reports about the Moto X whether it be about features or display. The newest rumors, according to Wimberly, says that there will be somewhat of a magic glass covering the screen. Hit the jump for the details ..

Can Verizon’s Win With THESE New Droid’s?!?!

Motorola and Verizon teamed up at a press conference to debut three new Droid smartphones, The Droid Mini, Droid Ultra, and Droid Maxx. They are each equipped with a 720p display, 2GB of RAM, and both a front facing and back camera that can be activated by a twist of the wrist. Hit the jump to see what other cool features these phones have to offer ..

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