(Video+Photo) Walmart Pharmacist Wins $31Mill Suit For Gender Discrimination Claims

A former Wal-Mart employee got a major pay increase from the company after she won a lawsuit for over $31 Million. The pharmacist says her termination came shortly after reporting safety concerns and was finalized when she lost her pharmacy key. Her lawyers argued that a male pharmacist who lost his key was disciplined, but not terminated making this an act of gender discrimination.

(Video) LMFAO, Fool! Burglar Falls Asleep In Victim’s Home After Eating Their Left-Over Chicken Wings

It is almost a universal fact that majority of the world LOVES chicken wings. However, when robbing someone’s house, I would definitely advise the robber to NOT eat the victim’s left-over chicken wings due to what is referred to as “the itis” that will ensue shortly after. Unfortunately for this New Hampshire man, he must have forgotten how that works. A couple came home to their Victorian house to find a pair of black shoes at the door. Shortly after, the husband found the sleeping criminal in their guest room, knocked out. He held the man at gunpoint until the cops arrived. The man managed to rummage throughout their entire home, making sure to raid that fridge. The man is also possibly connected to many other crimes in the area. See the ridiculous video below.

Maxim ‘Hottie’ Arrested In Heroin Ring Bust?!

A New Hampshire Maxim featured, “Hometown Hottie” is on the spot light, but not in the way shed imagine I’m sure, hit the jump for more!

2 More Patients Exposed To Fatal Brain Disease?!?

New England has become victim to a fatal brain disease outbreak! 2 patients that underwent surgery in a Connecticut hospital have become the new victims of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, a brain disease similar to ” Mad Cow ” Disease! Hit the jump for more details

2 Dead In YWCA Shooting In New Hampshire?!?

Shots were fired earlier this morning in the YWCA building, resulting in the deaths of two, Hit the jump for more detail!

Is New England The Home Of Heroin Users???

New England known for positive attributes such as their awesome clam chowder, can now be known for something else? New England is home of the highest growing rate of Heroin users within the Nation. Read more after jump

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