Last night at a press conference in NYC, Dr. Dre and Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine revealed the newest additions to the wildly popular Beats By Dre headphones collection. Not only did they show off the new Wireless Bluetooth Solo’s, but they also announced we’ll finally be getting some color! There will be 6 new colors added to the Beats (which currently only come in white and black…and I MAY have seen red), and they include silver, pink, green, orange, blue and my favorite color of all: purple! All of these will be hitting stores very soon….like, a few days kind of soon! You can pick the new Beats up October 16th at your local BBD retailer but make sure you come with some dinero…these guys aren’t cheap! Check out what the wireless Beats and an orange pair look like below. Marisa Mendez x Tat Wza