MIXTAPE: Jay-Z – Headliner & Legends

Check out this compilation of classic Hov freestyles and remixes after the jump. Superman is alive!! @DjRellyRell

*Alert* Read This Before You Watch Movies At Home 3/15/11

Fresh To DVD This Week: “The Fighter” I saw this and It’s a Really Good Movie, Well Worth the Rental, or even a full fledged Purchase! @TatWza

Army Toughens Fitness Tests for the First Time in 30 Years!

The U.S. Army has decided that the current fitness test to enlist isn’t up to par, and has toughened it to include things such as running an obstacle course in full combat gear, and dragging a body’s weight. Sounds like things that should have already been in the test, but hey what do I know. Check out the new requirements after the jump! @iBLONDEgenius

Shots Of The New Macbook Pro Leak With iPad 2 Announcement Around The Corner!!!!

March 2nd is an announcement from Apple and mostly about the iPad 2, but check out the shot of of a new macbook, but that may be out sooner, like maybe today??? @TatWza

Ocoop – White & Green


Waka Flocka – Rap Game Stressful


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