(Photos) Twitter Releases Official Numbers For The Super Bowl AKA #SB48

So last night was def crazy, between the game it’s self, the mishaps, the commercials, and the halftime, Twitters numbers are pretty big!!

Boxing: Damn, Pacquiao-Rios PPV Numbers Are Not Looking Good

Is Pacquiao not drawing fans anymore?  The numbers for the Pacquiao/Rios fight are coming in and they do not look good at all.  While there may be a reason for the low PPV buys, it def. does not compare to Pac’s prior fights. While I did watch it, I know the hype for the fight wasn’t very high.  Check out the numbers & let us know what you think…

Keeping Up With The Kardashians – CANCELLED?!

In the words of a famous DJ, “F**kin’ cancelled!” For all of you people who have been keeping up with those Kardashians, sorry to say – they may be taken off of the air. Hit the jump for the deets.

Boxing: GOODNESS! Mayweather-Alvarez PPV Numbers Are In!!

Yes sir!!! The numbers are in & they are higher than what analysts thought!  Did the Mayweather-Alvarez fight break the PPV record?! Check it out…

Guess Which State Has The Highest School to Jail Numbers?!?!

Out of all the states in this coutry, It’s pretty hard to believe that this state has the highest school to jail numbers. Hit the jump for more!

NFL: Numbers Don’t Lie! Check Out These Super Bowl Facts!

The 2013 Super Bowl is less than two weeks away!!!  I can’t wait! This is just some fun random facts for you sports fans.  Take a by-the-numbers look at Super Bowl facts surrounding America’s biggest party. GameTimeGirl

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