(Photo) Obama Takes Em Back In Ireland!!

If Obama isn’t the coolest President!! He definitely is enjoying himself on his trip to Ireland!! I wonder if he was singing Trey’s ‘Bottoms Up’!! #PresidentialSwag at its best! @Ash_Bankz

(Video) Obama’s Armored Limo BOTTOMS OUT in Ireland

OH NO!!! President Obama’s Secret Service probably needs a whole new set of underwear — after Obama’s armored limo CRASHED into a nasty speed bump in Dublin today … and was instantly immobilized. Geez get it together mister limo driver, hold up on the Guinness! LOL! Check out the video of the crash after the jump! @Ash_Bankz

Netanyahu Rejects Obama Call for Palestinian State Based on 1967 Borders

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu did not agree with President Obama’ Request for Israel to pull its border to the borders that existed before 1967. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @wilmajor

(Video) President Obama Speaks At Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis, Tenn.

Booker T. Washington High School was the winner of the The Race to the Top Commencement Challenge where schools compete to win a visit from the president. Obama spoke to a packed Cook Convention Center, about a mile from where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot in 1968, on Monday it marking a milestone for 155 seniors and a success story for an impoverished and long-struggling urban school. @Ash_Bankz x @TatWza

(Quote) Obama Tells Joke After OBL Death

Don’t Worry, it’s not distasteful or unappropriate, but you’ll have to hit the Jump to find out what it is! @TatWZA

Obama Has Decided That He Will Never Release Osama Death Photos

I was really anticipating these pics!! I think Obama should release the pics, those pictures are part of history at this point. I do understand that the President does not want al-Quaeda to glorify the pictures and make it as if Osama is a martyr, but we say plenty of people jump to their death from the windows of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and I think those people’s families deserve to see the death of the man that is being held responsible. @Ash_Bankz

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