(Video) It’s A Wrap: The ORIGINAL Beatle, Paul McCartney, Does The #MannequinChallenge To “Black Beatles”

Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” has become the song of choice for the Mannequin Challenge. (They did not create the challenge, however.) Everyone from Hillary Clinton to Rae Sremmurd themselves have participated, but now, the WHITE Beatle has taken on the Black Beatles. LOL! Check out Sir Paul McCartney’s version below.

Paul McCartney Loves Working With Kanye West & Explains Why He Didn’t Think It Would Work

Kanye West shocked the world again when he dropped 3 songs with Paul McCartney: “Only One”, “All Day”, and “FourFiveSeconds” in the passed 2 years. Sir Paul reveals to Rolling Stone that at first he really didn’t think their collaboration would work out, but after giving it a try, he wounded up loving Kanye’s creative process.

Paul McCartney Defends Kanye West’s Use Of The ‘N’ Word

When Paul McCartney was featured on Kanye’s song “All Day” last year, the masses were surprised that Sir Paul would join a record where Kanye says the ‘N’ word about 40 times. Well now he defends Kanye’s over use of the word and is actually pleased with it in the song.

Paul McCartney Talks About Working On ‘All Day’ And More With Kanye West

Legendary artist Paul McCartney did a recent interview in which he talked about Kanye’s creative process. In the interview Paul explains how he helped Ye on All Day, FourFiveSeconds, and Only One. Hit the jump for more.

Guess Which Famous Celeb Has Quit Smoking Weed – And Guess Who JUST Started!

No longer really taboo as it once was, marijuana consumption is pretty normal in peoples’ everyday lives these days, particularly in the entertainment industry (as it boosts creativity for some.) However, weed is no longer the relaxation method of choice for the legendary Paul McCartney, despite it being so for a majority of his life. During a chat with Britain’s Daily Mirror this weekend, Paul was discussing his health and fitness regimen, and shared the following:

“Instead of smoking a spliff I’ll now have a glass of red wine or a nice margarita.”

Meanwhile, another popular singer has just started!

Paul McCartney Compared Kanye West To One Of The Beatles!

Yes, you read that headline correctly. The founding member of one of the greatest rock bands of all time put Kanye West in the same bracket. Yeezus has been on fire lately after working with The Beatles legend on two songs this year but damn! Kanye is definitely gassed to the extreme right now after what Paul had to say about working with the rapper/producer over the past year. Find out what McCartney said after the jump!

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