Donald Trump Says High CEO Pay Is A ‘Complete Joke’

When asked on the CBS talk show “Face The Nation” about high CEO pay, presidential candidate and real estate billionaire Donald Trump says it’s “disgraceful” and “a complete joke.’

This Man Is Willing To Pay 10K If You Find Him A Girlfriend!

29 year old Ren You, who is a Harvard graduate, is looking for a girlfriend and he will pay you 10 thousand if you find one for him. Read more on the story after the jump!

(Mugshot) MLB: A-Rod Paid Cousin $1 MILLION To Keep Steroids Use A Secret!

The NY Yankees third baseman, better known as Alex Rodriguez, or ‘A-Rod,’ paid his cousin Yuri Sucart for keeping his steroid use confidential. However, Sucart was not satisfied and demanded an ADDITIONAL $5M! SMH, hit the jump for further details on this escalating, crazy confession story…

Justin Bieber Makes $1 Million A Night , Find Out Who Earns Top Dollar In The Industry!!

Recently a leaked letter from a firm named Degy Entertainment leaked a list of rough estimates of asking prices for some of your favorite celebrities. Who is Degy Entertaiment? They handle mostly college shows , which can cost quite a bit , much like hiring celebrity’s for a private show. They give us a little glimpse into the world of celebrities and massive paychecks.

NFL: Michael Bennett Has To Pay Up For Abandoning Puppy

How do you just leave your dog?!  Seakhawks player Michael Bennett just signed a new $28.5 million contract and it looks like he’s already got an extra bill.  A judge had ordered him to pay up for abandoning a puppy last year.  Hit the jump for details…

NBA: Allen Iverson Loses Legal Battle With Divorce Lawyers

Damn, AI has to take this L.  Allen Iverson lost a legal battle with his former attorneys after he refused to pay for their help on his nasty divorce filing.  Hit the jump for details…

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