Irene’s power shut down electricity for ONE MILLION PEOPLE! See if you’ll be affected after the jump!! Emma Rabid

Tech Talk Device: The Super Solar Wireless Keyboard You Need In Your Life!!!

 This keyboard is what we need more of in every computing Device possible, if you ask me, but I know you didn’t, I was just saying IF you did, THAT was it -_- But seriously Although we may not think a solar powered keyboard is a big deal, but if used widely it may not only save over all power consumption, it may spark the change to solar power, which as a society, we really need, but see how it works after the jump! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Power: Remote Power Strip!!!!

This Power strip could come in handy should you forget to cut your Power sucking Home Computer on, or TV, Or anything that could have the the corresponding chip that goes in such devices so the wireless LAN could talk to it and politely ask it to shut it’s self Down, Hit the Jump to see the video Explaining it much better! @TatWZA

Tech Talk Power: The Power Strip You Need In Your Life!!!

This is the best power strip, I’ve ever seen in my life! I can’t even count how many times I’ve needed to plug in multiple devices, and due to some awkward design of the plug would not allow it, well pivot has the answer! See the video after the Jump! @TatWZA

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