(Photo) Method Man Quits Social Media After Picture Of His Wife Emerges

Back in 2006, Method Man’s wife became relevant in the headlines after Wendy Williams made light of her breast cancer battle while on air. Recently Method Man saw a headline that read something along the line of ‘Check out a rare photo of Method Man’s wife.’ This really took a toll on Meth as he called the internet out on being super sick.

(Video) NCAA: Another Baylor Blow As Top QB Prospect Backs Out

Poor Baylor. It’s going to take the university a while to bounce back from all of this drama. From the sexual assault allegations to the firing of head coach Art Briles. Now, their leading quarterback choice for the new year has decommitted.

What? Rich Homie Quan Wanted To Quit Rap Already?

Although Rich Homie Quan has flourished musically over the past year, many dont know the turmoil him and his family are enduring. “I almost thought about giving up rap for a moment,” says Quan. “My uncle got shot this year. My dad got shot this year–he’s still in the hospital. My mother’s in the hospital now. I just lost my grandmother a week ago. All of that within, like, six months.” Quan’s mother was the victim of a poorly-planned surgery; his father was shot six times during a botched robbery. But he can’t stop (going in), he explains. “Music is the only way I can express myself.” Read more after the jump.

(Video) ‘Professional Twerker’ Makes More Money Now Then When She Was A Teacher

You’ve seen Jessica Vanessa twerking on vine, but you didn’t know she used to be a pre-K teacher, yup, she quite that to shake that a** and make good paper doing it.

Attorney General Eric Holder Scheduled To Announce His Resignation Today!

The first African-American is scheduled to resign as attorney general. A Justice Department official told ABC News that “Attorney General Holder has discussed his plans personally with the president on multiple occasions in recent months,” and now things are going forward. Hit the jump for more.

Charlo Greene, Weed Reporter Who Quit On-Air Accused Of Smoking Out The Neighbors?!

This story just gets funnier and funnier – LMAO! Carlo Greene, owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club was in the middle of reporting the news on the legalization of weed in her state (Alaska) when she decided to say, “f**k it” and quit. Hilarious? I know. Now, everything is all becoming clear – after the smoke has passed – she’s been a pot head for quite some time. Greene currently has a restraining order out against her, due to her constant weed intake. Hit the jump for more.

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