NFL: Brandon Marshall Says White Players Are Treated Differently When It Comes to Player Discipline

Jets receiver Brandon Marshall said some NFL players think there’s a double standard based on skin color when it comes to the way the league metes out discipline.

One-Year After The Death Of Mike Brown, Ex-Cop Darren Wilson Talks Being A “Hero” To Most

Although he claims that shooting an unarmed Michael Brown was “not a race issue,” former officer Darren Wilson sure has turned the spoken upon topics into black and white. In his latest interview, Wilson opened up to The New Yorker about the day that changed his life, and what’s happened to his life post-acquittal. Find out more down bottom.

(Video + Photos) Rachel Dolezal Opens Up To Matt Lauer On ‘Identifying As Black’

I can definitely understand the “complexity” of the this story. After her parents outed her actual race, former NAACP Spokane chapter president Rachel Dolezal hit every headline imaginable. Now, as opposed to running away from the camera, the Caucasian woman who “identifies as Black,” is sitting down with TODAY’s Matt Lauer for a more open interview. Lauer opens up with a quote from Dolezal’s parents, in which they wonder why she could not fight the same fight as a white women. “I really don’t see why they’re in such a rush to whitewash some of the work that I have done,” she begins to explain. “…Who I am and how I’ve identified.” Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Black Women Are Ranked The Most Educated In America In Both Race & Gender!

Black women have surpassed any other group in both race and gender by having the highest percentage that is the most educated. The National Center of Education Statistics has reported by the US Census state that black women have the highest numbers for enrollment in college. Read more on the story and check out the video after the jump!

(Photo) Boston Marathon Kiss Gone Wrong !!!

Boston marathon kiss gone wrong , very wrong! What could have turned out to be quite the love story went a little south after the pic went viral spreading all over the internet. A female runner in the Boston marathon, all the way from Tennessee, happened to have a kiss with a mystery man. Someone happened to get capture this random intense kiss on camera. Having this special moment at such a special event added almost a magical touch to the picture leaving her wondering who he was.

(Video) Sports: What A Fraud! Woman Caught Cheating To Win In Two Different Marathons

Andrea Karl, the actual female winner of Sunday’s GO! St. Louis Marathon, didn’t get to cross the finish line first and didn’t get to break the tape. That’s because race president Nancy Lieberman says someone else, a woman named Kendall Schler, appears to have slipped in just before the finish line, falsely claiming victory.

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