(Video) LOL!: Old People Read Naughty Lyrics To Popular Rap Songs

Rap lyrics can sometimes be a bit vulgar if you take the time to actually listen to what you’re listening to. Although some rap songs are filled with profanity and naughty language we listen to it anyways. But have you ever took the time to read out loud some lyrics to rap songs? Well one girl pulled a hilarious prank on some old people and asked them to read some lyrics to some popular rap songs.

(Video) Rap Lyrics Admissible In Court – Bun B Speaks On The Controversey

I understand how the rap culture is viewed, but if the law plans on using this genre’s lyrics as a form of incrimination, why not pop as well, or rock. Before we know it, the Jazmine Sullavins of the world will be arrested for busting the windows out of a dude’s car or Britney Spears will be having the fellas looked up for being womanizers. Let’s be real, there are rappers who don’t write there own rhymes and rappers who rhyme for a living, meaning, they rap about what people want to hear and not what they’ve experienced. So, with that in mind, NJ (the failing state), is thinking of allowing rap lyrics admissible in a defendants court trial as evidence. Bernard “Bun B” Freeman stops by MSNBC and speaks on the topic. “If a person chooses to incriminate themselves [in lyrics] then that’s their own thing,” Bun says. “The problem is once we open this door to start going through everyone’s Rap lyrics to try to find crimes in there. That’s when we have a problem.” This just may slip through the cracks, because who will cause a ruckus? Check out the full interview down bottom.

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