Tech Talk News: There May Be A Shortage Of iPhone 5 Due To Defects

Make sure you are on line for the release date for the iPhone 5 because they will probably be on back order upon release. Hopefully October 4th we will hear about the actual release date but a defect has been detected which could effect the supply. Check out the details on the iPhone 5 defect after the jump. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

(Photo) Young Jeezy’s TM103 OFFICIALLY Pushed Back???

There still has been no word from Jeezy’s camp about the rumors swirling around a TM103 pushback. The album was originally supposed to drop September 20th but there’s no artwork, no official tracklist and no type of ads so…it was looking like a no-go. Now even more evidence seems to point at a pushback. My boy Ice discovered this on Walmart’s site. TM103 is available for pre-order but….look at the release date! Hmmm! Check it out below. Marisa Mendez

Young Jeezy’s TM103 Tracklist Revealed

With just a little over a week to go for Young Jeezy’s long-awaited album “TM103” to hit stores, the lack of promotion, radio play and no sign of cover artwork has the rumor mill flowing steadily with loud whispers of the dreaded pushback. Some sites even posted this as “fact” over the weekend, when in actuality, Jizzle’s camp has neither confirmed nor denied the album would no longer be released this month. To shut the naysayers down, Young Jeezy took to his Twitter and in quite an unconventional way, (typically this information is released via iTunes or Amazon, along with an option to pre-order), released the tracklist. This, however, still doesn’t actually confirm or deny the pushback either. Hmm. TM103 on September 20th? We’ll just have to wait and see. For now, peep the tracklist below. Marisa Mendez

T.I.’s Wife Tiny Says the Reason He’s Back in Jail is Solely Because the Cops Have a “Personal Vendetta” Against Him

T.I.’s ride or die has spoken out once again on the case surrounding her hubby, and she tells TMZ she feels prison officials are trying to make an example out of her husband by dragging him back to prison, targeting him simply because he’s a famous rapper. I definitely agree with this! Read more below. Marisa Mendez

Welcome Home, T.I.!!!

T.I. is a free man! Well, sort of. The rapper will sit in a halfway house for the next 30 days, but it is significantly better than being behind bars. Originally Tip was slated for a release date from his 8 month bid for probation violation for September 29th. Then earlier this week, MTV reported that The King would be released a month early for good behavior and would be a free man today and do a month of the halfway house until he’s completely free. Then yesterday XXL reported that was in fact not true, and he’d have to sit tight until his original date. But alas, here we are on August 31st, and here is T.I. tweeting about his freedom!! Welcome home, T.I.P.! Stay out of trouble now, would ya?! Hit the jump to see his first words as a free man….again. Marisa Mendez

False Alarm: T.I. Will NOT Be Released Tomorrow; Will Be Original Date of September 29th

Yesterday it was reported that T.I. would finally be leaving prison tomorrow, and would serve the rest of his sentence at a halfway house until September 29th. Looks like that was a false alarm and he will instead be behind bars up until that date. Bummer. Details after the jump. Marisa Mendez

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