Whoa! How Can This Actor Let Such A Racist Slur Come From His Tongue !?!?

I’m not sure how to take this. Police had to defuse the situation when actor, Alec Baldwin allegedly called black New York Post photographer (as well as a retired detective of the NYPD), G.N. Miller a “crackhead” a “drug dealer,” and a “coon.” Apparently, Baldwin threw those harsh terms out after he had grabbed NY Post reporter, Tara Palmeri by the arm and suggested that she “choke to death.” The brother of Stephen Baldwin was walking his dogs when the NY Post team approached him to ask about the lawsuit filed against his wife, Hilaria the “yoga instructor.” I’m guessing he didn’t want to answer these questions. Ending result being, Baldwin and Miller filing harassment charges against each other. When will these actors learn that if you don’t want to be asked continuous questions – DON’T BECOME AN ACTOR. Drop down bottom for more on the story.

(Video) NBA: Russell Westbrook Snaps After Reporter’s Dumb Question!

Lol, this is why you shouldn’t ask Russell Westbrook a stupid question. A reporter asked Westbrook if “the Thunder lost this game or did the Jazz win this one?” Russell’s face & reaction is priceless. Check it out after the jump…

(Photos) Well, Damn! Drake Must Have REALLY Liked This Reporter! LOL!

Drake must have a REALLY great relationship with FUSE host Alexa Chung! When the pair chatted on the red carpet at the Grammys, the award-winning singer/rapper got pretty close to her during their embrace…and even started kissing on her neck and shoulders! LOL! Check the pics in the gallery. I wonder what his new Dominican boo would have to say about this? Ha!

(Video + Photos) 2013 Grammy Stage Crasher Is The Same Guy That Will Smith Smacked Up !?!?

Ok, so do you remember last year when a reporter tried to kiss Will Smith on the lips and Will back handed him ??? If not go HERE, but this guy is up to his old ways again. During the 2013 Grammy Awards, while sexy J. Lo and “that lil Chico Pitbull” were announcing Adele as the winner for ‘Best Pop Solo Performance’, Vitalii Sediuk got on stage and took the mic from the Latina. Vitalii acted as if it was him who had won an award, “Oh thank you,” he says. LOL! Unluckily for him as soon as the show was over, he got arrested for trespassing and spent a night in the pen. This dude is a crazy mess. Funny, but crazy! I think J. Lo handled herself well by snatching the mic back. Good job. Drop down bottom and listen to what he was thinking at the time.

(Video) Damn! Reporter Gets Rocked In The Face

An investigative reporter from Atlanta got rocked in the face when he knocked on a shady business man’s door. The poor reporter couldn’t even see it coming, he literally knocked on the door and then BAM right in the face! Watch the video below.

(PHOTO) NBA: Bill Russell Mistaken For Morgan Freeman at Inauguration

NBA legend Bill Russell attended President Obama’s second Inauguration today and when they showed him on TV, ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos thought he was Morgan Freeman. Lol.  You would think that the Celtics hat that Bill was wearing would have tipped him off?!  I have a feeling he’s not going to live this down for a while.  Check out the pic…. GameTimeGirl

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