(Video) 2 Chainz Restaurant Has Now Passed Inspection

Last week, 2 Chainz’s new Atlanta eatery, Escobar Restaurant and Tapas, failed its very inspection miserably. They scored a 59/U following their evaluation – while anything below 69 is failing. Ouch. 2 Chainz made moves and quickly, however, and has since not only fixed the issues, but then passed the re-inspection with flying colors. Below, he explains to TMZ what went down, and shows off the new health grade!

(Video) Rick Ross Buys Checkers Restaurant In Carol City, Florida

UPROXX Youtube Rozay just bought back the block after he adds Checkers to his list of business ventures.

NBA: Kevin Durant’s Restaurant in OKC Closes Down After He Leaves For Warriors

Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder had a messy breakup as he left for the Golden State Warriors in free agency.  Durant wasn’t just the star player of the team, he was a big part of the community including his philanthropic acts and his ‘southern cuisine’ restaurant called “KD’s”, located in the heart of Bricktown — right in the middle of the Oklahoma City metropolis.  Now that Durant is gone, the restaurant is to, but not completely.

(Photos) NBA: Thunder Fans Get Back At Durant For Leaving By Giving His Restaurant Horrible Reviews

Some OKC fans are very understanding about Kevin Durant deciding to take his talents to the bay area. They appreciated what he did for their city and community for the past eight years and they know he gave them everything he had on the basketball court. On the flip side however, there are some fans who are not so easy going about him leaving. We’ve seen the people burning jerseys and running their mouths but some fans are getting their own revenge in a different way.

LMAO: Wendy’s & Jimmy John’s Engage In A Petty Restaurant War On Twitter

Over the past few years, whoever has been running the social media sites for these big restaurant chains have been doing an absolutely WONDERFUL job. The Twitter accounts have been more entertaining than some actual real celebrities and we are all here to see what these popular food places have to say next.

(Video) Fam, You Good? Justin Bieber Spazzes Out In A Restaurant

Lately, it’s been looking like Justin Bieber is getting more and more tired of being celebrity; it looks like he can’t even enjoy his life anymore and he’s literally becoming a ticking time bomb, it’s only a matter of time before he explodes… We get to see this time bomb get closer and closer to going off when he just spazzes in this France while he’s getting lunch with a friend outside his hotel.

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