(Photo) FBI Top 10 FBI Fugitive Captured

Ready or not, here they come, you can’t hide. One of the top ten FBI’s most wanted has been captured. She’s under 30 years old.

Tech: Is Verizon Being Sabotaged By Their Union Strikers?!

Verizon has been reporting incidents of network sabotage in areas where former workers are on strike!

NFL: Former Star Albert Haynesworth Offering $11K Reward For Info In Shooting Death Of Boy

Albert Haynesworth caught alot of flack during the latter part of his NFL career with the Redskins, Patriots and Bucs for not necessarily showing the effort needed to succeed but in this situation here he is going out of his way to help a family and community succeed. Haynesworth is offering more than $11,000 for info leading to an arrest in a drive by shooting that killed a 12 year old boy last weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee.

(Video) Supporters Offer $54K And Safe Haven For Information On Tyshawn Lee’s Murder

We recently learned about the murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee, who was killed near his grandma’s house in Chicago. Jada Pinkett took to social media to express her sympathy for the young boy. Cops are pretty much at a standstill in this investigation and are now offering a reward to anyone who has any information.

NBA: Lmao! Damn That’s Cold! Fan Posts Ad For Paul George’s ‘Missing Talent’ & There’s A Reward

Awwww man!! Sooo wrong, yet sooo funny.  It’s been rough for Pacers fans lately and a certain Pacers fan is fed up!  So what did he do?!  He posted an ad on Craigslist & it’s pretty hilarious. Check it out…

NFL: DeSean Jackson Offering Reward For Burglary Info

Over the weekend DeSean Jackson was the victim of a burglary. The robbers got away with $250,000 worth of cash, $125,000 in jewelry & two semi-automatic handguns.  DeSean was nonchalant about it when he took to Instagram with his reaction, but now he’s offering a reward for info.  Hit the jump for details…

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